Funky Pinwheel Pillow


  • Coordinating solid and print fabrics, scraps
  • Tan wool felt, 1/2 yd.
  • Fairfield Home Elegance Pillow Insert, 12”x16”
  • Cardstock, scraps
  • Buttons Galore and More Flat-Backed Buttons, assorted


  • Sewing machine and black thread
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat
  • Circle cutter
  • The Warm Co. Lite Steam-a-Seam

Basic Supplies

scissors, fabric marking pen, pencil, sewing needle, iron and pressing surface



  • Use rotary cutter and mat to cut two 17”x13” rectangles from wool felt.


  • For templates, use circle cutter to cut circles measuring 3”, 2-1/2”, 1-1/2”, and 1” from cardstock scraps.


  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply fusible webbing onto fabric scraps using iron and pressing surface. (Note: You will need approximately 45 circles of each size to cover front of pillow.) Trace circles onto fused-fabric scraps using fabric marking pen; cut out. Trace three 3” circles onto wool felt scraps; cut out.


  • Layer fused-fabric circles on wool felt and fabric circles; fuse together using iron. For best variety, vary sizes of circles layered together. Use sewing machine and black thread to freeform sew around edges of circles.


  • Thread sewing needle with black thread. Insert needle through back of circle and through button hole; pull through to front of circle to attach button on center of layered circle. With needle still on circle, place circle on wool felt rectangle; insert needle through other button hole and pull thread through wool felt rectangle to attach circle on pillow front. Secure button/layered circle on pillow; knot and clip thread ends. Repeat process until all circles have been attached onto front of pillow. (Note: Make sure to leave approximately 2” on edges of pillow front so sewing machine needle does not hit buttons when sewing rectangles together.)


  • Position wool felt rectangles together with right sides facing. Machine-sew right, top, and left sides together using 1/2” seam allowance, leaving bottom side open for turning.


  • Press seams open. Turn right side out. Insert pillow form. Whipstitch bottom opening closed using needle and thread.


  • 1. Use a die-cut machine to cut different-sized circles from fabric.
by Melony Miller Bradley
Funky Pinwheel Pillow
Funky Pinwheel Pillow