Eternal Love


  • 9”x9” Honeysuckle Pink 28-count Jobelan (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • 6-strand Sampler Over-dyed Floss (The Gentle Art)
  • 6-strand Shaker Over-dyed Floss (The Gentle Art)
  • Red Heart Button (3309T) (Just Another Button Company)
  • 8”x8” White 40-count Linen (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • 6-strand Sampler Over-dyed Floss (The Gentle Art)
  • 6-strand Shaker Over-dyed Floss (The Gentle Art)
  • Fold Art Red Heart (3449T) (Just Another button Company)
  • 1 Gold-tone Barrel Clasp
  • 2 Gold-tone Figure 8 Jump Rings
  • Mill Hill Beads (03041, 62032, 62055) (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • Mill Hill Medium Heart Treasure (12088) (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • Waxed Thread
  • Batting
  • Self-stick Foam Mounting Board (Pres-On)
  • Self-stick Mounting Board (Pres-On)

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: >1 strand
  • Cross-stitch: >1 strand

Basic Supplies

needle, scissors, glue



  • For framed piece and necklace, stitch design centered on fabric over one thread.


  • NOTE: Complete each stitch before moving onto next stitch.


  • Attach button with 2 strands of matching floss.


  • Finishing Necklace: Using template cut two hearts from Self-stick mounting board. Adhere batting to heart by removing paper on mounting board making sure that batting fits; then position stitched piece on top holding with pins or a small amount of temporary spray glue (make sure to center properly). Cut small V’s along outside edge of material. Use thick/tacky glue and cover back of heart board with a light coating. Gently pull V’s to back of board (not pulling too tightly) and secure keeping material on front smooth. Repeat process using self-stick mounting board for back of heart adhering backing material directly to board.


  • Using one 48-inch length of waxed thread, go through figure 8 jump ring then fold in half; gather both ends together. Start at bottom of string and string “4 Frosted Cranberry beads, 8 White Opal beads, 2 Frosted Peppermint beads”; repeat five times. String 8 White Opal beads, 2 Frosted Peppermint beads, 8 White Opal beads, and one Medium Heart. String 8 White Opal beads, 2 Peppermint beads and 8 White Opal beads. Repeat from "" two more times. When stringing is finished, attach string of beads to one side of barrel clasp weaving ends of thread back into necklace. Repeat this process one more time for second string of beads.


  • Position figure 8 jump rings so one ring of each jump ring will be glued inside and one will protrude above mounted needlework. Refer to photo for positioning. Place glue on backsides of each heart and glue entire piece together; allow to dry thoroughly.


  • Make thin twisted cording using 12 strands of floss. Carefully, glue cording around heart starting and ending at center top; allow to dry.
by Jackie Hendricks


Heart Necklace
Heart Necklace Eternal Love
Eternal Love