Crocheted Skinny Scarf


  • Multi-color medium worsted-weight acrylic yarn, 1 skein


  • Crochet hook, size K

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler or measuring tape


Crochet Design

  • 1. Make lp on hook. Ch 7. Dc in third ch from hook.
  • 2. Dc in ea remaining ch (6 dc in all – ch 2 at beg counts as 1 dc).
  • 3. Ch 2. Turn crocheted piece. Dc in second dc from hook. Dc in ea dc to end (6 dc in all – ch 2 as beg counts as 1 dc).


  • 1. Repeat Step 3 until scarf is desired length. Cut yarn 3” from scarf end. Pull yarn end through loop on hook. Weave ends of yarn through crochet.
  • 2. To make fringe, cut twenty 11” yarn lengths. Put lengths together in pairs. Insert both ends of each yarn pair through opening between two double crochets at ends of scarf. Bring ends of yarn pair through loop formed by yarn; pull tight. Trim fringe ends even.


  • 1. Once you’ve mastered the basic stitches, experiment using eyelash yarn for a different, textured look.
by Mary Ayres
Crocheted Skinny Scarf
Crocheted Skinny Scarf