Dusty Pink Scallop Bracelet


  • Lilac fire-polished faceted rounds, 4mm, two strands
  • Mushroom pink glass pearls, 6mm, 30
  • Silver memory wire
  • Beadalon Amethyst Artistic Wire, 26-gauge
  • Silver findings: split rings, two; ball and hitch clasp


  • Round-nose pliers
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Memory wire shears
  • Split ring pliers (optional)

Basic Supplies




  • 1. Size is 8-1/2".


  • 1. Cut approximately one and a half coils from memory wire using memory wire shears.
  • 2. Turn loop at one end; string on mushroom pink pearls. Turn loop at other end, leaving approximately 5/8” gap between last bead and loop. See Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3.
  • 3. Cut 24” length of Amethyst wire; coil it tightly around memory wire several times between loop and first bead. See Photo 4.
  • 4. For first scallop, string on 13 lilac beads. Loop amethyst wire over memory wire between fifth and sixth pearls, and back through last lilac bead. Gently pull wire through taking up all slack in wire. See Photo 5 and Photo 6.
  • 5. String 12 lilac beads on Amethyst wire. Count along five glass pearls and loop over memory wire and back through last lilac bead as before.
  • 6. Repeat Step 5 to create six total scallops.
  • 7. Coil Amethyst wire around memory wire several times after last glass pearl and thread back through several lilac beads. Trim away excess wire with flush cutters taking care not to cut through scallop. See Photo 7 and Photo 8.
  • 8. With remaining Amethyst wire, turn loop at one end and string on eight lilac beads. Turn another loop and trim; form into scallop shape. Open loop at one end and hook it between eighth and ninth beads on first scallop. Open loop at other end of component; attach it between fourth and fifth beads on second scallop. See Photo 9.
  • 9. Make four more components in same way; hook each one between eighth/ninth beads and fourth/fifth beads on each scallop.
  • 10. Attach clasp to loops of memory wire using split rings.


  • 1. Create a scalloped necklace to match following basic instructions.
by Myléne Hillam
Dusty Pink Scallop Bracelet
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