Illuminated Tulle Centerpiece


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Cones: 18”, 12”, 10”
  • White tulle, 6”-wide
  • Battery-operated white LED light string
  • Floral wire
  • Pearl-head floral pins


  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies




  • 1. Sizes are 18", 12", and 10".

Cone Centerpiece

  • 1. Position three cones on work surface in grouping. Wrap string of white lights evenly around cones, beginning on one end cone and ending on opposite end cone. Use floral wire to secure light strand on cones; cut lengths using wire cutters.
  • 2. Attach tulle to bottom of one cone using pearl-head pins. Wrap tulle around cone, covering light strand. Use pins to secure tulle. Trim end. Repeat process to wrap remaining two cones.
  • 3. To display, turn on light strand. Display cones in grouping on tables.


  • 1. Add small ribbon bows in the wedding colors for a pop of color.
by Kathleen George for The Dow Chemical Co.
Illuminated Tulle Centerpiece
Illuminated Tulle Centerpiece