Secret Garden Necklace


  • Rich, earthy color linen or nylon thread, 2-1/4 yd.
  • Fire Mountain Gems Rose Czech faceted crystals, 10mm
  • Vintage baubles: antique skeleton keys, faceted glass, faux pearls
  • Small millinery bloom (from antique hat) or silk craft flower
  • Vintage button (for closure)
  • Antique brass metal headpins, 24-gauge, 4-6
  • Silk ribbon, scrap


  • Mini crochet hook, size 8
  • Pliers: chain-nose, round-nose, wire-cutting
  • Fray Check solution
  • Fabric glue or clear nail polish

Basic Supplies

scissors, yardstick



  • Leaving thread attached to spool, chain stitch approximately 15 and make loop large enough for vintage button to fit through for clasp. Chain 2.


  • Stretch the last chain stitch out approximately one yard, keeping stitch intact, and clip end from spool. Leave a small tail of thread, and just under the chain stitched loop, tie two knots around the previous two chain stitches. Apply a dab of fabric glue or clear nail polish to knots. Let dry. At end of one yard length, snip thread, creating two lengths onto which you will knot crystals.


  • Slide one crystal onto thread and tie two knots; repeat with all beads until necklace is desired length. Tie two extra knots after attaching final crystal.


  • Attach vintage button by passing both threads through button hole, and tie thread off underneath. Snip thread close to knots and apply dab of fabric glue or clear nail polish.


  • Gather vintage bits and baubles, and small silk millinery flower. Attach beads and pearls to center point of necklace using headpins and pliers.


  • Use headpin to attach vintage bead or crystal to silk flower by passing through the middle hole and wire wrapping to necklace. Tie a wisp of silk ribbon behind flower to give it a bit of vintage sweetness and create dimension. Apply Fray Check to ribbon ends.
by Maryellen Kim
Secret Garden Necklace
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