Diaper & Changing Pad Clutch


  • Canvas fabric, 1/3 yd. each: red/white polka dot, blue floral print
  • Terry cloth, 1/3 yd.
  • Multi-color striped bias tape, 2 yds.
  • Heavy-duty snap fasteners, two


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Hammer and hammer tool
  • Therm O Web HeatnBond Clear Iron-On Vinyl

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, fabric pen, iron and pressing surface



  • For purse body, cut 12”x12” from blue floral print fabric. For purse flap, cut 7”x10” from blue floral print fabric and 7”x10” from red/white polka dot fabric. Cut curved flap shape along one edge. For strap, cut 3”x14” from blue floral print fabric. For changing pad, cut 12”x18” from red/white polka dot fabric and from terry cloth fabric; round corners as desired using scissors.


  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply iron-on vinyl to all fabrics, except for strap, terry cloth changing pad, and red/white polka dot flap. (Note: Vinyl side of fabric is now right side of fabric.)


  • Machine-sew flap pieces together, with right sides facing, leaving long straight edge open. Trim edges and turn right side out. Press. Machine topstitch 1/8” from turned edge.


  • With right sides facing, center flap on one edge of purse body; machine-sew using 1/4” seam allowance. Apply bias tape along edge to cover seams; repeat on opposite side.


  • Fold body of purse in half to match edges with right sides facing; sew each side closed. On each corner at bottom of purse, fold to match seam and bottom center. Measure 1” from corner point; mark line and sew on line to create purse depth. Turn purse right side out.


  • For strap, press 1/2” in on either side of strip; press in half matching previously-pressed edges. Machine topstitch along edges. Fold strip in half at center; machine-sew folded end to inside of purse on one side.


  • Use hammer tool and hammer to attach snaps on purse flap along center bottom edge and on center bottom of purse body. Attach snap fasteners about 1/2” from each end on strap.


  • For changing pad, with wrong sides facing, baste terry cloth to red/white polka dot fabric. Machine-sew bias tape around edges to finish.


  • 1. Hold on to your backing paper to use as a pressing cloth to avoid scorching vinyl. If vinyl appears to separate from fabric when you turn your pieces right side out, just press again with iron.
by Jennifer Davey
Diaper & Changing Pad Clutch
Diaper & Changing Pad Clutch View of Changing Pad
View of Changing Pad