Bountiful Harvest Necklace


  • Gold memory wire
  • Brown velour tubing
  • Autumn-toned seed beads, sizes: 6, 8, 11
  • Orange faceted rondelles, 10x13mm, five
  • Charms: Blue Moon Beads Gold Acorns, two; gold double acorn; copper leaves, two; gold leaves, two
  • Textured copper oblong rings, 19x25mm, two
  • Gold beads and findings: spacers, 3mm, four; petal-shaped bead caps, five; eye pins, 30; jump rings, 6mm, nine; jump rings, 4mm, 36; quick links, three; headpin; grape leaf toggle clasp


  • Wire cutters, chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, flush cutters

Basic Supplies




  • To make one corncob, string two size 11 beads, two size 8 beads, three size 6, two size 8, and two size 11 beads onto six eye pins. (Note: Each should measure approximately 7/8”.) Turn simple loop on each eye pin. See Photo 1 and Photo 2.


  • Open 6mm jump ring; hook on six beaded eye pins. See Photo 3. Open another 6mm jump ring; hook on three eye pins. Close jump ring. For remaining three eye pins, open eye pins one at a time and hook on jump ring individually. Tilt jump ring upward to help slide eye pins underneath. See Photo 4. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to make three more corncobs.


  • Cut velour tubing same length as corncob. String gold spacer bead and tubing on eye pin. See Photo 5. String corncob over tubing and add another spacer bead; turn loop. See Photo 6 and Photo 7. Create one more eye pin corncob.


  • Cut 4-3/4” length of memory wire using wire cutters. Turn outward facing loop at one end of wire using round-nose pliers. See Photo 8. Cut 4” length of velour tubing; thread it on memory wire. See Photo 9. Turn loop at other end of wire. See Photo 10.


  • String two remaining corncobs 1/4” from each end of velour tubing. Place quick link in center of velour tubing; gently squeeze until secure but careful to not crush tubing. Hook copper ring on other end of quick link; close firmly. String orange rondelle and bead cap on headpin; turn loop. Connect rondelle to quick link with 4mm jump ring.


  • Connect six 4mm jump rings, acorn charm, jump ring, and copper leaf charm together. Connect items to metal ring using 6mm jump ring. Connect five jump rings and gold leaf charm together; hook onto 6mm jump ring. Connect jump ring, acorn charm, jump ring, and copper leaf charm together; hook onto 6mm jump ring. Connect 10 jump rings and double acorn charm to 6mm jump ring. Connect gold leaf charm to jump ring; hook onto 6mm jump ring.


  • String four rondelles and bead caps onto remaining eye pins; turn loop. Cut 5” length of velour tubing. Cut 5-3/4” length of memory wire using wire cutters. Turn loop at one end of wire; thread on tubing and turn another loop.


  • Connect rondelle to each end with jump ring. See Photo 11. Connect corncob to each using jump ring.


  • On one side, connect metal ring using quick link. Add another quick link to connect another rondelle; connect to central piece using jump ring. On other side, link together three jump rings and connect corncob to toggle bar.


  • Attach remaining rondelle to other end of central piece using jump ring. Connect rondelle to leaf part of toggle clasp using two jump rings.
by Myléne Hillam
Bountiful Harvest Necklace
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