Tri-Metal Stamped Necklace


  • Silver spoon
  • Cousin Corp. Second Skin: Cord, 1/2”x5”, two; Silver Circle Link Chain, 18” length; Silver Double Link Chain, 43” length
  • Cousin Corp. Jewelry Basics: Silver Ribbon Clamps, two; Silver Starter Pack
  • Impress Art: Brass Chandelier with Ring; Copper Offset Oval Washer with Ring, 2”; Brass Oval Washer with Ring, 1-1/4”


  • PJ TOOL & Supply: Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw; Jeweler’s Saw Blades, size 4/0
  • Impress Art: Steel Stamping Block, Metal Stamping Hammer, Ballroom Boogie Letter Stamping Set, Butterfly Swirl Stamp
  • Metal file, metal punch, v-block and clamp
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Gorilla Glue Super Glue

Basic Supplies

steel wool, scissors, clothespins, black marker


Necklace Base

  • 1. Thread 1/2” of cord through one link on silver circle link chain; adhere cord in place using glue. Fold chain in half; thread second cord through end on chain, adhering in place. Secure both cord ends with clothespin until glue dries. See Photo 1.
  • 2. Create four strands from double-link chain; use jump rings from starter pack to attach chain to silver circle link chain. See Photo 2.
  • 3. Attach ribbon clamps to open ends of cord; use jump rings to fasten toggle clasp from starter pack to ribbon clamps.


  • 1. Use black marker to mark where to cut handle from spoon. Punch hole for jump ring 1/4” below mark.
  • 2. Position spoon on v-block; use jeweler’s saw to cut off spoon handle. Sand cut edges of spoon handle with metal file. See Photo 3.
  • 3. Stamp initial onto chandelier with Ballroom Boogie Letter stamping blank. See Photo 4. Apply marker over stamped letter to darken stamped area; polish stamped chandelier with steel wool to remove excess ink. Turn blank over and lightly tap with hammer to flatten.
  • 4. Randomly stamp oval washer with Butterfly Swirl stamp; apply marker over stamped letter to darken stamped area. Polish stamped chandelier with steel wool to remove excess ink. Turn blank over; lightly tap with hammer to flatten.
  • 5. Assemble stamped blanks and spoon handle by securing together with jump ring from starter pack. See Photo 5. Use same jump ring to attach pendant to necklace base.
by Carol Heppner
Tri-Metal Stamped Necklace
Tri-Metal Stamped Necklace Photo 1
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