Cottage Reflections


  • JoSonja: Background Colours: Azure, Charcoal, Harbour Blue, Island Sand, Poppy, Raindrop, Shamrock, Sky Blue, Soft White, Tiger Lily, Tree Frog Green Artists’ Colours: Burnt Sienna, Plum Pink, Raw Sienna, Red Earth, Rose Pink, Sapphire, Smoked Pearl, Teal Green, Titanium White, Warm White
  • Brushes: Scharff: Syn-Sable: Round, Series 405, #1, #2; Dresden Liner, Series 455, #10/0, #0; Flat, Series 140, #2, #4, #6, #8, 1”; Angular, Series 155, 5/8”; Golden Taklon: “Moon” Filbert, Series 425, #2, #6, #8, #12, 5/8”; White Bristle: “Dome” Round, Series 245, #2; “Moon” Scumbler, Series 222, #10; Fitch Hair: Deerfoot Stippler, Series 750, 1/4”; White Nylon: Flat, Series 300, Size 16
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell: Big Brush Brown Nylon, Series 1178, 2”; Classic Bristle, Angular Long Handle, 1/2”
  • JoSonja: Wood Filler; Artist Mediums: All Purpose Sealer; Clear Glaze; Gel Retarder; Polyurethane Varnish, Matte
  • J.W. etc. Painter’s Wax
  • Wood dowels
  • Old wooden top ironing board and old telephone table found at yard sales or local flea markets


  • Rubber mallet



  • 1. Remove legs from ironing board. Fill holes, let dry, and sand smooth. (Note: To fill large screw holes, use wooden dowel of same size to fill hole. Cut to exact length and use rubber mallet to hammer in place for tight fit. If dowel is not a tight fit, apply wood glue before hammering into place. Fill smaller holes with a mix of wood glue and sawdust (wood shavings); mix together to a paste consistency. Use wood filler for other blemishes. For a more cottage style look, leave some smaller blemishes untreated to enhance the distressed look.)
  • 2. Remove top from table. Cut legs to desired height. (Note: Standard coffee table height is 14”-15”.) Replace table top and center over newly cut legs; drill holes through table top and all four legs. Attach with counter sunk wood screws. Lay table upside down onto bottom of ironing board; measure equal distance from each end (approximately 14” from flat end of ironing board) and trace around table top. Drill holes through corners of table and through approximately 1/2” of bottom of ironing board. These will be used to attach table to ironing board. (Optional: For a standard coffee table, cut ironing board ends into rectangular shape, allowing for pattern size, and adjust table placement accordingly.)
  • 3. Sand table removing finish and sand top of ironing board smooth. (Note: It is not necessary to remove all stain as it will be painted.) Seal both pieces with All Purpose Sealer.
  • 4. Paint table, omitting top, Shamrock. Use Poppy, Tree Frog Green, and Harbour Blue to add accent colors to legs. Paint ironing board (new table top) Harbour Blue. Let dry. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply painter’s wax around edges and in spots of wear. Paint one generous coat Soft White over entire table top. Use extra-fine sandpaper to lightly sand back exposing Harbour Blue.
  • 5. Print out pattern; transfer lines separating sky and water, sand, rocks, hydrangeas, and leaves.

Painting Instructions

  • 1. Refer to landscape photos


  • 1. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over entire sky. Moisten 1” flat with Gel Retarder and side-load with Sky Blue. With paint toward top, paint top of sky with long horizontal strokes. Pick up Sapphire on same side of dirty brush and wash in left and right sides of sky. In same manner, pick up Azure and wash middle and down toward horizon. Leave sky lightest at horizon.


  • 1. Base Sky Blue. Let dry. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over entire water. Moisten angular with gel retarder then fully load with Harbour Blue; use chisel edge of brush to pull short strokes at horizon and along outside edges. Pick up Sky Blue on dirty brush and pull more strokes next to and into darker areas. Pick up Raindrop and pull strokes in center for highlights.

Foreground Rocks

  • 1. Use wet-into-wet technique to paint each rock blending where they meet. Moisten #12 filbert with Gel Retarder then fully load with Raw Sienna; base bottoms and dark sides of rocks. Pick up Smoked Pearl and base remainder of rock. Then pick up Warm White and paint top of rocks. Let dry. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over rocks; sideload #12 filbert with Burnt Sienna to deepen shadows and use Warm White to highlight.


  • 1. Moisten 5/8” filbert with Gel Retarder the fully load with Island Sand; slip-slap over sand area. While wet, pick up small amount of Burnt Sienna on dirty brush and blend into sand next to rocks on right and under Hydrangea sprig on left allowing color to fade out toward bottom.

Foreground Grass

  • 1. Sparsely load moon scumbler with Teal Green; scumble some grass in dark area at base of rocks. Pick up Shamrock and scumble in some lighter colors next to and into dark areas. Scumble some brighter Tree Frog Green grass allowing color to fade out toward bottom and into sandy area in foreground.

Foreground Bushes

  • 1. Double-load 1/2” angular long handle brush with Teal Green on short end and Shamrock on long end; stipple in greenery. Add Tree Frog Green to long end and tap in lighter areas. Doubleload #2 filbert with Poppy and Titanium White to paint beach roses. For wild flowers, use #1 round; stipple with your choice of reds and blues, tipped in Titanium White.

Island and Distant Jetty

  • 1. Use #8 filbert and Island Sand to base island; while wet, pick up Burnt Sienna and blend along bottom of island.
  • 2. For jetty, use #2 round and randomly load with Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, and Charcoal; press brush onto surface and release creating rocks that form a jetty.
  • 3. Stipple trees around house on island; load deerfoot stippler with Teal Green on short end and Shamrock on long end.


  • 1. Base house Warm White and roof Red Earth. Use #4 flat and equal mix of Sky Blue + Warm White to shade along each side of walls. Sparsely load dome round with Rose Pink; highlight center of roof. Use 10/0 liner and thinned Charcoal to paint supports.


  • 1. Base house Warm White and roof Red Earth. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over each. Use #6 flat to shade Sky Blue on left side wall of house, left front of house, and both sides of middle. Use mix of Red Earth + Charcoal (2:1) to shade back-to-back floats where two parts of roof meet and around chimney. Highlight roof Rose Pink. Use #2 flat and thinned Charcoal to paint windows. Doubleload #4 flat with Sky Blue and Harbour Blue to paint door. Use #2 flat to paint front of chimney Burnt Sienna and side with mix of Burnt Sienna + Charcoal. Highlight Rose Pink along left side of front.


  • 1. For sail boat, use #1 round and mix of Warm White + Sky Blue (3:1) to base outside; use equal mix of same colors to base inside. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over entire boat. Shade inside and outside Sky Blue; highlight Warm White. Base outside of cover Tiger Lily and inside with mix of Tiger Lily + Red Earth (2:1). Use #8 flat and equal mix of Tiger Lily + Red Earth to shade right side of cover. Double-load #0 liner with Burnt Sienna and Island Sand to paint mast; double-load liner with Charcoal and Island Sand to paint mast lines.
  • 2. Base buoy Island Sand; use #6 flat to shade Burnt Sienna along each side. Use dome round to scumble Warm White highlight in center. Base stripes Tiger Lily; shade Red Earth on both ends and scumble Warm White highlight in center.
  • 3. For dinghy, use mix of Warm White + Sky Blue (3:1) to base outside and equal mix of same colors to base inside. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over entire boat. Shade inside and outside Sky Blue; deepen shadows with Harbour Blue and highlight Warm White. Base trim Sky Blue; shade Harbour Blue and highlight Warm White. Double-load #10/0 liner with Charcoal and Island Sand to paint anchor line.


  • 1. Paint large seagull Warm White. Use #6 fl at and mix of Warm White + tch. of Charcoal to shade wing tips and under body. Use #10/0 liner to add some Charcoal to wing tips and top of head. Use #6 flat and Titanium White to highlight middle of wings and top of body. Paint small gulls with mix of Warm White + tch. of Charcoal.


  • 1. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over water. Deepen shadows on water with mix of Harbour Blue + Charcoal (2:1) along shore of island, at base of jetty, behind hydrangea areas, behind rocks, and under boats.
  • 2. Use Warm White to add reflections in water for sail boat, dinghy, and buoy. Use Tiger Lily to cast sailboat cover reflection and equal mix of Burnt Sienna + Island Sand for mast reflection.


  • 1. For leaves, moisten #12 filbert with Gel Retarder and base with Shamrock in light areas and Teal Green in dark areas; blend where colors meet. Let dry. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder over each leaf; use same brush to shade Teal and highlight Tree Frog Green. Double load #0 liner with thinned Shamrock and Tree Frog Green to line veins.
  • 2. Use wet-into-wet technique for flower clusters. Apply thin layer Gel Retarder on cluster; use #12 filbert to wash Tree Frog Green toward top of cluster; add Raindrop to middle. Add Harbour Blue toward bottom, and Plum Pink next to and into Harbour Blue. While wet, moisten #6 filbert with Gel Retarder and fully load with Titanium White; press brush into wet background colors to create four petal blossoms. Let dry. Add Tree Frog Green center dots to some clusters.


  • 1. Allow design to dry 48 hours. Apply generous coat Clear Glazing. Let dry 48 hours. Varnish top and legs with multiple varnish coats.
by Anne Hunter


Cottage Reflections
Cottage Reflections Before Being Painted
Before Being Painted Fig. 1
Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 2 Fig. 3
Fig. 3 Fig. 4
Fig. 4 Sailboat Landscape
Sailboat Landscape Cottage & Lighthouse Landscape
Cottage & Lighthouse Landscape