Iris Vase


  • Glass vase, 6” tall
  • Kato Polyclay Oven-bake Polymer Clay, 3 oz. blocks: Blue, Green, Copper
  • Iris stencil or stencil of choice


  • Craf-T Products, Inc. Metallic Rub-On Color Kit #1, Blue
  • Clay accessories: slicing blade, 6-sided ruler, craft knife, clay-dedicated pasta machine
  • 3M Scoth-Brite Multi-Purpose Scour Pad

Basic Supplies

parchment-lined baking sheet or ceramic tile, oven



  • Mix together two 10mm sections each of Blue, Green, and Copper, following manufacturer’s instructions to measure and condition. Condition six 10mm sections of Copper.


  • Roll mixture and copper into separate logs. Roll and twist logs together, roll into a ball, then roll into log again. Twist log and roll into ball again. Flatten ball and run through pasta machine on thickest setting. Run clay through pasta machine on #2 setting. Gently stretch sheet so it is the same width as rollers on machine. Run through machine several times, beginning with highest setting (#1) and reducing until #6 setting is reached.


  • With more attractive side facing out, fold clay in half and run through machine several times until desired color mixture is achieved. Cut one end of sheet even. Cover vase; trim excess at overlaps. Smooth seam. Trim excess clay.


  • Position stencil on vase, aligning bottom stencil edge with bottom edge of vase. Use craft knife to cut out clay; carefully remove cut-out sections. Remove stencil and reposition so top edges are aligned. Cut out and remove clay in same way. Repeat to create one additional iris between first two.


  • Press scour pad onto clay for texture. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to randomly apply rub-on cream to vase. Bake on parchment-lined baking sheet or ceramic tile at 275° for 30 minutes; let cool in oven.
by Gail Ritchey
Iris Vase
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