Olive Branch Mediterranean Dinnerware Set


  • Duncan: Concepts Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica: Bright Olive, Bright Purple, Dark Black, Dark Briarwood, Dark Olive
  • Brushes: Duncan Signature: Liner, Series SB802, #1; Fan Glaze, Series SB807, #6; Round, Series SB808, #4
  • Duncan: Designer Glazes, Forrest Flannel; Satin Glazes, Banana Cream
  • Clay carbon paper
  • Duncan Oh Four Bisque: Designer Ware: Charger (25817), Salad Plate (25815), Mug (25813); Provence: Dinner Plate (21430), Desert Plate (21767)



  • 1. Note: Use as many coats as needed for complete coverage; allow paint to dry completely between coats and color changes.
  • 2. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.
  • 3. Use fan glaze brush to apply three coats Banana Cream to center of charger and salad plate, over entire dinner and dessert plates, and to entire inside, upper portion of outside, and handle of mug.
  • 4. Use fan glaze brush to apply three coats Forest Flannel to back and outside rim of charger and salad plate, and to lower section of mug.
  • 5. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto appropriate pieces.

Painting Instructions

  • 1. Note: Apply three coats paint to each element on each surface.

Branches and Stems

  • 1. Use round brush to base each Dk. Briarwood. Use liner to shade Dk. Black.


  • 1. Use round brush to base each Bright Olive; use Dk. Olive to shade along one side of leaves. Use liner and equal mix of Dk. Olive + Dk. Black to outline leaves along opposite side of shaded side and to add center vein.


  • 1. Use round brush to base each Bright Purple leaving small unpainted area on each for highlight shine. Use liner and Dk. Black to outline entire olive.


  • 1. Lightly spatter Dk. Olive over each surface.
  • 2. Stilt and fire separated pieces to witness cone 06.
by Suzie Shinseki for Duncan Enterprises



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