Ivory and Gold Bridal Set


  • Ivory beaded freshwater pearl beads, 12mm, seven
  • Ivory freshwater potato pearls, 8mm, 15” strand
  • Gold seed beads
  • Silver memory wire
  • Beadalon: Silver-Plated Beading Wire; Silver Crimp Tubes, two; Silver-Plated EZ-Crimp Lobster Clasp Set
  • Silver findings: wire guardians, two; ball headpins, two; eye pins, seven; jump rings, 4mm, four; interchangeable earring wires, two


  • Round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, memory wire shears, wire cutters
  • Beadalon: Mighty Crimp, Micro Crimper



  • 1. Cut 2-1/2 coils from memory wire and cut into two equal pieces measuring 1-1/4 rings. Turn loop on one end of each coil. See Photo 1.
  • 2. On one coil, string approximately 12 seed beads, beaded pearl, and 12 seed beads. (Note: You may need to adjust number of seed beads so that beaded pearl sits in center of hoop.) Turn loop at end of wire. Repeat for second coil. See Photo 2.
  • 3. Connect two hoops together on both sides using jump rings. See Photo 3.
  • 4. Thread two pearls on headpin and turn simple loop. See Photo 4.
  • 5. Open loop of eye pin and connect to headpin. Thread eye pin through beaded pearl and turn simple loop. See Photo 5.
  • 6. Hook loop over earring wire and gently close to secure earring in place.
  • 7. Repeat steps to make other earring.


  • 1. Thread beaded pearl bead on eye pin and turn simple loop. See Photo 6.
  • 2. Cut coil from memory wire and turn loop on one end of coil.
  • 3. String on gold seed beads to within 3/8” of end of memory wire and turn loop.
  • 4. Open loops of beaded pearl bead and hook them onto memory wire loop. See Photo 7.
  • 5. Thread potato pearl onto eye pin and turn simple loop. Connect it to memory wire component.
  • 6. Create two more memory wire components and one more potato pearl component and connect them together. See Photo 8.
  • 7. Cut 12” of beading wire and thread on crimp tube and wire guardian. Hook wire guardian through loop of last memory wire component and back through crimp. Crimp using Micro Crimper. See Photo 9.
  • 8. Thread on 17 potato pearls and EZ-Crimp clasp. Pull beading wire through hole in end of EZ-Crimp, taking up slack in beading wire. Make sure to leave wiggle room for pearls to drape gracefully without gaps. See Photo 10.
  • 9. Place EZ-Crimp, smooth side down, in top hole of Mighty Crimp tool and squeeze firmly. Slide shaft of EZ-Crimp along and squeeze again. (Note: Repeat process for entire length of EZ-Crimp.) Test that beading wire is secure. Trim away excess beading wire. See Photo 11.
  • 10. Complete other side of necklace to match.
by Myléne Hillam
Ivory and Gold Bridal Set
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