Lap Quilt


  • Flannel: 6 coordinating colors/prints, 1 yd. each; cream, 3 yds.


  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Washing machine and dryer

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, straight pins



  • 1. Size of quilt is 42"x50".


  • 1. Do not prewash fabric.


  • 1. Cut 60 coordinating 10" squares and 30 cream 10" squares. Sandwich cream squares between pairs of colored squares (right sides of fabric facing out).
  • 2. Arrange sandwiched squares into six rows of five. Pin pieces together with back layers facing so seams show on quilt front. Use 1" seam allowance to sew squares together, forming rows. Sew rows together, forming quilt. Sew around quilt 1" from raw edge.
  • 3. Clip raw edges perpendicular to seam, spacing 1/2"-3/4" apart. Wash and dry quilt; repeat until desired fray is achieved.
by Rebekah Meier
Lap Quilt
Lap Quilt Closeup View
Closeup View