Winter Welcome Sign


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls, 2-1/2”, four
  • Basswood sheet (sign), 1/4” thick, 6”x24”
  • Children’s mittens, two each: blue, black
  • Flannel fabric, 6”x12”
  • Buttons, 4-1/2” diameter, four each: red, black
  • Black beads (eyes), 3/16”, eight
  • Artificial holly berries (noses), four
  • White snowflakes, 3/4” diameter, 22
  • Toner Crafts Fun Wire, 18-gauge, 12” length


  • Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints: White, Bright Red, Black, Christmas Green
  • Paintbrushes: Round, Series 35-S, #5; Flat, Series 45-S, #8; Shader, Series 15, #12
  • Markers: EK Tools White Woodcraft Marker, black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Drill with 3/16” bit
  • Beacon Adhesive Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

scissors, newspaper (to cover work surface)



  • 1. Size is 6”x24”.


  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Drill holes in sign as shown. Basecoat sign Christmas Green.
  • 2. For faces, basecoat plastic-foam balls White. Drybrush cheeks Bright Red. Adhere noses and eyes to faces. Use black fine-tip permanent marker to draw mouths.
  • 3. For bodies, lightly stuff mittens with fiberfill. Adhere heads to bodies.
  • 4. For scarves, cut four 1-1/2”x12” strips from flannel; wrap around necks. Create fringe on short ends of scarves. Adhere two black buttons to each blue mitten and two red buttons to each black mitten.
  • 5. Transfer lettering to sign; trace with white marker and outline with black marker. Thread wire through holes; twist ends at back to secure. Adhere snowmen to sign and snowflakes to bodies and sign.
by Paula Bates for The Dow Chemical Co.


Winter Welcome Sign
Winter Welcome Sign Closeup View
Closeup View