Give Thanks Appliquéd Heart Pocket


  • Wichelt Imports Lambswool 28-count Linen, 10”x8”
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: as listed on key; (#3033) Very Light Mocha Brown
  • National Nonwovens Rust Polynesian Sunset Woolfelt, 9”x12-1/2”
  • Green grosgrain ribbon, 2/3 yd.
  • Yellow buttons, 2/3”, two


  • Embroidery needle
  • Dritz Fray Check

Stitch Type

  • Backstitch: >as indicated on key
  • Cross-stitch: >2 strands
  • French Knot: >1 strand wrapped two times
  • Sheaf Stitch: >2 strands

Basic Supplies

scissors, pen, pencil, straight pins, iron and pressing surface


Size/Stitch Count

  • 1. Approximate finished size: 7-1/2"x6"; stitch count: 90 w x 65 h


  • 1. Stitch design centered on fabric over two threads.
  • 2. To create stalks, work sheaf stitch on top of cross-stitched field. For sheaf stitch: Stitch five vertical straight stitches over six squares. After stitching fifth straight stitch, bring threaded needle up from back, under center of stitches. Move needle under, around top and back under five straight stitches to gather gently at center. Secure thread ends on fabric back to hold in place. Continue with remaining stacks.
  • 3. When stitching is complete, carefully press design. Trace heart template onto paper and cut out. Place large heart pattern close to top edge of felt piece. Track around pattern with pen. Flip felt and repeat to make a second heart. Cut out both heart shapes, just inside inked lines. Center small heart pattern on back of stitch design. Check centering by holding up to light. Pin in place and trace heart using pencil on wrong side of stitched piece. Remove pattern and double check tracing. Adjust as needed and carefully cut out on traced lines. Apply Fray Check to raw edges.
  • 4. When dry, center stitched heart on top of one of felt hearts. Pin in place; use two strands DMC #3033 to buttonhole stitch along edge of stitched heart, attaching to felt backing. (Note: To finish off buttonstitch stitch at end, catch first stitch with last stitch and knot ends on back.) Place layered heart on top of remaining felt heart. Pin in place; and buttonstitch stitch outer edges with two strands DMC #918. To create a pocket, be sure to stitch through only single felt layers along top edges (between large X’s shown on chart) and begin stitching front top edge. Start at upper right and work from right to left continuing around outside of heart.
  • 5. Create hanger by folding 1” flat loops on each end of ribbon. Place looped ends on each side of heart, center small button on each, and stitch through all layers to secure ribbon ends and buttons in place.
by Lettie Eckberg for The Needle’s Notion


Give Thanks Appliquéd Heart Pocket
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Sheaf Stitch