Fall Fleece Pumpkin


  • Orange fleece, 12”x24”
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Jute twine, 2-ply
  • Natural raffia
  • Brown paper lunch bag


  • Sewing needle with orange thread
  • Glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler



  • 1. Adult supervision for kids is needed when using a glue gun.


  • 1. With right sides together, use a running stitch to sew short ends of fleece together in a 1/2” seam. Use long running stitches to sew along one long edge, pull up threads to gather, knot and clip threads. Turn fleece right side out. Stuff with fiberfill. Gather stitch at top of pumpkin; knot and clip threads.
  • 2. To make the grooved sections, cut a 22” length from twine. Center twine at bottom of pumpkin, and pull up ends to make slight indent; tie ends together in a knot at top. Repeat two more times so grooved sections are approximately 4” apart. Trim twine ends.
  • 3. For stem, measure 5” from top of bag and cut; discard bottom. Leaving bottom of stem flared out, twist remaining portion of bag forming a stem. Adhere stem to top of pumpkin. Tie several strands of raffia in a bow around stem.


  • 1. For larger or smaller pumpkins, follow above instructions, cutting different size pieces of fleece. Use various shades of orange if desired.
by Sharon Cindrich
Fall Fleece Pumpkin
Fall Fleece Pumpkin Closeup View
Closeup View