The Bashful Scarecrow


  • Cabin Crafters: Black Tin Round Plate (#54-5756); 10-1/2”, Star Plate (#54-6070); 9-1/2”, Pail (#24-1514); 6”
  • Delta Ceramcoat: Old Parchment, AC Flesh, Trail Tan, Terra Cotta, Toffee Brown, Black, Spice Brown, Spice Tan, Quaker Grey, Dark Goldenrod, Maple Sugar Tan, Wedgwood Green, Charcoal


  • Dynasty Black Gold Paintbrushes: Shader, Series 206S, #2, #6, #10, #12; Flat Glaze, Series 206FW, 1/2”; Angular Shader, Series 206A, 1/2”; Liner, Series 206L, #1; Liner, Series 206MSC, 20/0; Stencil or Dry Brush
  • Delta Acrylic Matte Finish
  • Black permanent ink pen
  • Optional: The Creative Coach Oak Leaves, Acorns & Apples Stencil (#BCS114)

Basic Supplies

pencil, transfer paper, stylus, newspaper (to cover work surface)



  • 1. Spatter all surfaces with Old Parchment.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Transfer main outlines only.


  • 1. Base face AC Flesh; shade Trail Tan. Dry-brush cheeks Terra Cotta. Nose is Terra Cotta. Scarecrow nose on plate is shaded Spice Brown. Eyebrows, mouth, and ties are Toffee Brown. Eyes are Black. Hair is lines of Spice Tan and Old Parchment. Hat is Toffee Brown; shade Spice Brown; highlight Trail Tan. Brown detail lines on hat are Spice Brown. Straw on hat is Old Parchment. Mouse is Quaker Grey; shade Charcoal. Mouse eyes, mouth, and whiskers are Black.
  • 2. Float lines with AC Flesh to create shoulders.

Leaves, Acorns, Dots, and Stars

  • 1. Paint orange leaves Dark Goldenrod, tan leaves Maple Sugar Tan, and green leaves Wedgwood Green. Vein lines and shades on leaves are Spice Brown. Leaf stems are Trail Tan.
  • 2. Acorn is Trail Tan; shade Spice Brown; highlight AC Flesh. Highlight marks are AC Flesh. Acorn caps and stems are Toffee Brown; shade Spice Brown.
  • 3. Detail lines and dots are Spice Brown. Dots are Old Parchment and Dark Goldenrod.
  • 4. Stars are Old Parchment.


  • 1. Add details with pen.
  • 2. Apply several coats of matte finish.
by Laurie Speltz


The Bashful Scarecrow
The Bashful Scarecrow Scarecrow Plate
Scarecrow Plate Acron Star
Acron Star Scarecrow Pail
Scarecrow Pail Acorn
Acorn Acorn Cluster
Acorn Cluster