Stamped Silk Scarf


  • Silk scarf, 8"x48"
  • Tulip Soft Brushable Matte Fabric Paints: Olive, Ebony
  • Tulip Soft Brushable Metallic Gold Fabric Paint


  • Leaf sprig stamp
  • Tulip Paint Sponges
  • Sea sponge

Basic Supplies

rubber bands, paintbrush, iron, plastic bottle with small-holed nozzle, plastic to protect work surface



  • Lay scarf flat on covered work surface. Thin Olive with water to wash consistency; use moistened sea sponge to randomly pounce scarf.


  • Scrunch scarf into tight ball and rubber band; let dry. Remove rubber band; rinse and iron. (Note: Place cotton fabric under and over scarf before ironing.)


  • Pour Olive into small bottle; add water to dilute, replace nozzle, and shake. Squeeze curvy line across scarf


  • Use paint sponge to apply Olive to stamp and separate sponge to apply tiny amount of Ebony to leaf tip, blending with Olive. Stamp scarf.


  • Mix Gold with small amount of water; spatter paint scarf. Lightly dry brush leaf tips Gold if desired.

Fabric Stamping Tips for Success

  • 1. When stamping on silk, sheer, or soft fabric, use paint sponge to lightly dab color onto stamp. Use clean area of palette to stamp off any excess paint before stamping fabric to prevent bleeding or hardened image.
  • 2. Try stamping with fresh green foliage, such as leaves or silk florals with intricate vein patterns. Kitchen utensils, such as forks, are another great source for creating unique designs.
  • 3. Always test paint on a scrap of similar fabric before beginning project.
by Suzie Shinseki for Duncan Enterprises
Stamped Silk Scarf
Stamped Silk Scarf Stamped Silk Scarf
Stamped Silk Scarf