Beach Chic Ornaments


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Ball, 3"
  • Decorative crushed seashells or tiny green pebbles
  • Beach charm
  • Eye pins, two
  • Coordinating pearl bead
  • Coordinating metallic wired ribbon, 1-3/8"-wide
  • Gold cord, 8" length


  • Pallette knife or table knife
  • Adhesives: Gane Brothers and Lane Yes! Paste, Plaid Gloss Mod Podge, Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

wooden skewer, shallow bowl, jar, foam paintbrush



  • 1. Materials listed are for one ornament.


  • 1. Push wooden skewer into 3" ball to hold while adhering materials onto ornament. Pour crushed seashells into a shallow bowl. Spread 1/4” layer of Yes! Paste smoothly over ball using palette or table knife. Roll paste-covered ball firmly in seashells. Press shell material into paste with fingertips. Sprinkle areas that remain uncovered with crushed seashell and press firmly into the paste. Set wooden skewer into jar to let dry thoroughly.
  • 2. Using foam paintbrush, apply one coat of Mod Podge to entire ball; let dry.
  • 3. Attach charm to head of eye pin. Thread pearl bead onto stem. Insert eye pin stem into center bottom of ball.
  • 4. Tie full ribbon bow as shown. Remove skewer from ornament and adhere bow to ornament, covering hole.
  • 5. For hanger, adhere and insert remaining eye pin into top of bow. Insert gold cording into eye pin and tie into loop.
  • 6. Make pebble ornament in same way as crushed seashell ornament.


  • 1. Instead of ornaments, simply cover balls in crushed seashells and/or tiny pebbles and place in a glass bowl, vase or basket for a charming centerpiece.
by Kathleen George for Dow Chemical Co
Beach Chic Ornaments
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