Wire-Wrapped Crystal Cocktail Rings


  • Beadalon Artistic Wire Non Tarnish Silver: 18-gauge, 26-gauge
  • Clear-cut glass flat round crystal, 10mm
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal: Bicones, Rounds, Pearls, in assorted sizes and colors, 14 pcs.


  • Beadalon: wire snips, chain-nose pliers
  • Ring mandrel
  • Nylon headed hammer

Basic Supplies




  • 1. Ring is 1-1/2".

Cocktail Ring

  • 1. Cut 20" length of 18-gauge wire. Use fingers to pull along length of wire to straighten and heat wire. Place focal bead in center of wire and bend at each end to hold in place. See Step 1.
  • 2. Place bead on ring mandrel one full size larger than needed for finished size. See Step 2.
  • 3. Wrap wire around mandrel three to four times depending on how thick of band is preferred. (Note: Four wraps are shown here.) Bring ends of wire straight up and away from mandrel. See Step 3.
  • 4. Holding mandrel perpendicular to body, wrap bottom wire up around focal bead and top wire down around focal bead so that wires run parallel to mandrel. Pull taut and hold in place. See Step 4.
  • 5. Continue to wrap wires in same direction two more times around so there are three wire wraps on each side of focal bead. Pull taut. See Step 5.
  • 6. Remove ring from mandrel and trim ends of wire to 2-1/2" long. Wrap ends down and around ring bands. See Step 6.
  • 7. Bring wire up and wrap around bands three times. Use wire snips to trim ends on top of ring bands. See Step 7.
  • 8. Use chain-nose pliers to gently pinch down end of wrapped wire. See Step 8. Repeat Steps 6-8 on opposite side of ring.
  • 9. Position ring on mandrel. Use hammer to tap ring lightly down mandrel to reshape ring band. See Step 9.
  • 10. Remove ring from mandrel. Flip ring and place back on mandrel facing opposite way on mandrel. Repeat Step 9 to shape ring on opposite side of band.
  • 11. Use hammer to gently tap band to shape and harden before finishing ring. See Step 10.
  • 12. Use wire snips to cut 6" length of 26-gauge wire. Bend 1" from end, hook onto bottom wire wrap near focal bead; twist together on ends. Use wire snips to trim close to end of twist. See Step 11.
  • 13. Insert wire up through opening near end of focal bead and pull firmly before beginning to add beads. See Step 12.
  • 14. Insert bead onto wire and position close to focal bead; wrap around top wire. Add second bead and repeat until all beads have been added to circumference of focal bead. See Step 13.
by Keri Lee Sereika
Wire-Wrapped Crystal Cocktail Rings
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