Luxe Watch Band Bracelets


  • General (for both):
  • Vintage stretch watch band
  • Chain, 10” length
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry round-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Crystal Bracelet:
  • Assorted purple, blue, gold and crystal beads/findings, 10-12
  • Silver or gold headpins, 10
  • Leather cord, 8” length
  • Turquoise Crystal Bracelet:
  • Assorted turquoise, brown, glass, crystal beads/findings, 10-12
  • Crystal brooch
  • Silver headpins, 10
  • White leather cord, 8” length


Crystal Bracelet

  • 1. When selecting a watch band, make sure ends are secure so you can attach jump rings to end of band.
  • 2. Attach jump rings to band ends. Add chain to jump rings.
  • 3. Thread leather cord through chain and tie ends to jump rings.
  • 4. Thread bead onto each headpin. Use pliers to make loop and trim excess wire.
  • 5. Open jump ring and add bead to jump ring. Attach jump ring to chain and close ring. Repeat until all beads are attached to chain.

Turquoise Crystal Bracelet

  • 1. Repeat Steps 1-5 from Crystal Bracelet.
  • 2. Use jump rings to attach crystal brooch.
by Candace Marquette
Luxe Watch Band Bracelets
Luxe Watch Band Bracelets