"BOO" - Wahaha


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique White, Burnt Orange, Cadmium Orange, Cool White, Dark Pine, Grape Juice, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Olive Green, Primary Yellow, Russet
  • Brushes: FM Dynasty Black Gold, Series 206: Flat Wash, 1"; Angular, 1/2"; Shader, #4, #12; Round, #2, #3; Liner, #1; Script, #1
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Onyx Glitter Tinsel
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Multi- Purpose Sealer; Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte; Control Medium; Craft Twinkles, Crystal
  • Boo Plaque (#H137) from Coyote Woodworks



  • 1. Use flat wash to apply multi-purpose sealer over surfaces. Let dry. Use Lamp Black to base letters and bottom of stand. Base top and sides of stand Burnt Orange. Lightly sand pieces; wipe dust. Base again using same colors.
  • 2. Use damp sea sponge and Lamp Black to lightly sponge stand. Use script liner and thinned Cool White to freehand cobwebs along front side edge of stand.
  • 3. Use #12 shader to lightly apply Control Medium over front of "OO's". Use same brush to slip-slap following colors over "OO's": Burnt Orange, Dk. Pine, Olive Green, Grape Juice. While wet; use clean slightly damp sponge to lightly sponge over area, bringing colors slightly together. Let dry. Lightly spray "OO's" with sealer.
  • 4. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)

Ground and Pumpkins

  • 1. Use #12 shader and Lamp Black to base ground area. Use angular to float Grape Juice along top edges of ground. Use #3 round and Cadmium Orange to very simply paint pumpkins using two strokes for center section and one stroke on each side. In same manner, highlight sections Primary Yellow.

Moon, Bats, Trees, and Tombstones

  • 1. Use #12 shader to undercoat moon Antique White; base Primary Yellow.
  • 2. Use 1/2" angular to shade Russet along left side; lightly highlight Cool White along tip right.
  • 3. Use #2 round and Lamp Black to paint bats on moon, over house and tree.
  • 4. Loosely paint trees Lamp Black; pull branches upward. Use liner to stroke Primary Yellow highlights and to paint faces. Paint bushes in same manner.
  • 5. Base tombstones Lamp Black; use liner to stroke Primary Yellow highlights.

House and Ghost

  • 1. Use #4 shader to base Lamp Black. Use liner and Primary Yellow to paint windows and to lightly highlight. Use #2 round and thinned Cool White to paint ghost.


  • 1. Use chisel edge of 1/2" angular and thinned Cool White to pull fog across fields and trees.


  • 1. Spray with sealer. Use #12 shader to apply Craft Twinkles over "B"; while wet, sprinkle heavily with Onyx glitter.
by Kim Christmas



"BOO" - Wahaha
"BOO" - Wahaha