Startling Halloween Chess Set


  • Plaid FolkArt: Acrylics: Baby Pink, Dove Gray, Engine Red, Fresh Foliage, Green, Licorice, Medium Gray, Medium Orange, Pink, Purple Lilac, School Bus Yellow, Shamrock, Teddy Bear Brown, Terra Cotta, Violet Pansy, Winter White; Enamels: Licorice, Pure Orange, Warm White
  • Brushes: FM Dynasty: Black Gold, Series 206: Round, #4; Liner, #10/0; Long Handle: Flats, Series 1526F, #2, #4, #8, #10, #12
  • Plaid FolkArt Outdoor Sealer, gloss
  • Black chenille stem, 4"-length
  • Black annealed wire, 30"-length
  • Gold metallic paper or cardstock, 7/8"x4" piece
  • Black felt, 1-3/4"x3-1/2", two
  • Embroidery floss: black, 12"; orange, 4"
  • Black screws, 1/16"-wide, 1/2"-long, two
  • Square Wood Tray with Ceramic Tile (TH5529, 12-3/4" tile) from Maryland China
  • Chess piece items from Bear With Us: King Spider: Large Split Ladybug (1607), Dragonfly Brass Charm (BC55); King Pumpkin: Plain Crabapple (0961); Queen Witch: Small Round Coney (1293); Queen Cat: Small Turned Angel Body (1077), Cat Head (1477); Ghost
  • Bishops: Small Ghost (1461, two), Thimble (1060, two); Frankenstein Bishops: Small Split Pear (0970, two); Bat Knights: Small Bat (2403, two), Small Candle Cup (0312.4, two); Dracula Knights: Large Little People (0979, two); Tower Rooks: Medium Lighthouse (1338, two); Spider Rooks: Medium Split Ladybug (1608, two), Small Candle Cup (0312.4, two); Candy Corn Pawns: Small Cone (1298, eight); Tombstone Pawns: Slate Cutout (1479, eight); Wooden Nickel Disc (1442, 16)


  • Pigma black permanent micron marker, .03
  • Drill with 1/16" bit
  • Fast drying white glue
  • X-acto knife
  • Household sponge, 1" square



  • 1. Lightly sand wood items; wipe dust. Print patterns. Basecoat items as instructed. Transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)

Artist's Tips

  • 1. Use appropriate size flat for designated area unless otherwise instructed. Use stylus to add dots. Use acrylic paints for all wooden items and enamels for ceramic tile.

King Spider

  • 1. Base body Licorice; highlight Purple Lilac between head and body. Use round brush and Winter White to paint eyes; line eyebrows. Dot pupils Engine Red.
  • 2. Apply varnish. Drill three leg holes on each side of body. For legs, cut six 3" lengths from wire. Glue and insert legs into holes; bend into shape. Glue dragonfly to top of spider.

King Pumpkin

  • 1. Base crabapple and one disc Med. Orange; shade pumpkin sections Terra Cotta. Dot eyes Licorice and line eyebrows and mouth. Dot nose Pink. Use liner to paint teeth Winter White; outline Terra Cotta.
  • 2. Glue disc to bottom of pumpkin. Apply varnish. For crown, cut points, 5/8" apart, along one long edge of gold metallic paper. Overlap short ends of crown 7/8" and glue together. Glue crown to top of pumpkin.

Queen Witch

  • 1. Use Fresh Foliage to base face and dress area; shade Shamrock. Use Licorice to base hat, hat brim, and cape; highlight Winter White. Base hatband Purple Lilac; shade Violet Pansy. Add a Winter White vertical reflection line on hatband off-center. Use Licorice to line hair; dot eyes, and line eyebrows and mouth. Dot nose Shamrock and cheeks Baby Pink. Add Winter White tooth; shade Shamrock behind tooth.
  • 2. Apply varnish. Cut 3" length from embroidery floss; tie into bow and glue to "neck".

Queen Cat

  • 1. Use Licorice to base cat head, body, and one disc; use Purple Lilac to highlight head edges and to paint inner ears. Paint eyes Winter White. Use Med. Gray to line eyebrows and mouth; paint teeth Winter White. Paint nose Pink and dot cheeks Baby Pink. Add tiny Licorice pupil dots. Line whiskers Med. Gray.
  • 2. Use X-acto knife to carefully trim a flat section from head area of body; glue cat head onto flat area. Glue disc to bottom of body. Varnish. For tail, drill hole at back bottom of body. Glue and insert chenille stem into hole; bend to shape. Tie orange embroidery floss into bow and glue to top of head; trim ends.

Ghost Bishops

  • 1. Base ghost Winter White; shade Dove Gray. Use Licorice and straight pin to dot eyes; line eyebrows and mouth. Use straight pin to dot Baby Pink cheeks. Paint thimble Med. Orange. Paint two 1/4"-wide Licorice bands. Dot top band Fresh Foliage and add vertical Purple Lilac pinstripes on bottom band.
  • 2. Glue ghost to top of thimble. Varnish.

Frankenstein Bishops

  • 1. Use Fresh Foliage to base face area on split pear; paint hair Licorice. Use Violet Pansy to base 1/4"-wide bottom band; highlight Purple Lilac. Line Dove Gray streaks in hair. Use Licorice to dot eyes; line eyebrows and mouth. Dot nose Purple Lilac and cheeks Baby Pink. Base one disc Violet Pansy; highlight Purple Lilac.
  • 2. Glue disc to bottom of head. Varnish. Screw "neck bolt" screws to each side of head.

Bat Knights

  • 1. Base bat Licorice. Use Purple Lilac to shade face edges and outer wing edges; line inner ears. Use Winter White to paint eyes; line eyebrows, mouth and paint teeth. Dot pupils Licorice and cheeks Pink. Paint three 3/16"-wide bands on candle cup in following colors: Fresh Foliage, Med. Orange, and Purple Lilac. Paint rim Licorice.
  • 2. Glue bat onto candle cup. Varnish.

Dracula Knights

  • 1. Use round brush and Purple Lilac to base face, ears, and back of neck; shade Violet Pansy. Use Licorice to paint hair, body, and one disc; line eyebrows and mouth, and use straight pin dot eyes. Paint teeth Winter White. Use straight pin to dot Violet Pansy nose.
  • 2. Glue disc to bottom of body. Varnish. For cape, use two strands black floss to run gathering stitch along one long felt edge; gather and tie floss ends into a bow. Trim floss ends.

Tower Rooks

  • 1. Base entire piece Med. Gray; sponge Dove Gray over top allowing basecoat to show through. Use Licorice to base lookout window (under roof) and tower windows; add mortar lines. Add Dove Gray window lines in lookout window. Use liner to paint Winter White ghosts; dot tiny Licorice eyes. Use liner to paint Fresh Foliage vines and leaves; shade Green and highlight School Bus Yellow. Outline leaves Licorice. Varnish.

Spider Rooks

  • 1. Use Licorice to base split ladybug, candle cup, and one disc. Paint eyes Winter White and line eyebrows Dove Gray. Use straight pin to dot Engine Red eyes.
  • 2. Glue candle cup to center of disc and spider to top of candle cup. Varnish. Drill three leg holes on each side of spider. For legs, cut six 1-1/2" lengths from wire. Glue and insert legs into holes; bend into shape.

Candy Corn Pawns

  • 1. Base entire cone Winter White. Paint bottom 3/8"-wide section School Bus Yellow and middle 3/4"-wide section Med. Orange. Use Licorice to dot eyes; line eyebrows and mouth. Dot cheeks Pink. Varnish.

Tombstone Pawns

  • 1. For tombstones, base slate cutout Dove Gray; shade Med. Gray and highlight Winter White. For grass, base remaining eight discs Fresh Foliage; shade Green.
  • 2. (Optional: Substitute discs for slate cutouts, if desired for "grass".) For flowers, dot five Med. Orange flower petals and Licorice flower center; repeat for two flowers at front and one at left back of grass. Use marker to add tombstone names (e.g.: Bat T. Foru; Bats N. Y'Belfry; Sam E. Terry; Bag O'Bones; Witt Chee Poo; Bo Nee; Skell E. Tonn; Frank N. Stein). Let dry at least 30 minutes.
  • 3. Glue tombstone to disc. Varnish.


  • 1. Tile: Use ruler to draw 1-3/8"-wide vertical and horizontal lines for a total of 64 squares. Paint alternating squares in Licorice and Pure Orange. Use liner to paint Licorice spider web and spider in opposite orange corners. Dot eyes Warm White; add highlight line along left side of body.
  • 2. Tray: Base candy corn tip Winter White, center Med. Orange, and bottom School Bus Yellow. Shade Terra Cotta along entire bottom edge of candy corn; add Winter White highlight line along top. Shade Teddy Bear Brown on tray under candy corn.
  • 3. Base ghost Winter White; shade Med. Gray. Use Licorice to dot eyes; line eyebrows and mouth. Dot cheeks Baby Pink. Shade Teddy Bear Brown on tray under ghost.
  • 4. Paint 3/4"x1-1/4" rectangles in following colors: Purple Lilac, Licorice, Fresh Foliage, Violet Pansy. Dot each in desired color.
  • 5. Apply varnish to tray area only.
by Margaret Riley


Startling Halloween Chess Set
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