Fluffy Poppy Paper Flower

Create a bouquet of these delicate DIY flowers from tissue paper for special events!
By  Livia Cetti from The Exquisite Book of Paper Flower Transformations  for

size varies


  • Teal tissue paper dip-dyed with bleach, 3”x20”, two
  • Pretaped wire, 18 gauge, 9” 


  • Wire cutters 
  • Green floral tape 

basic supplies

  • Scissors

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1. For petals, place one tissue strip on top of the other to make a double layer. Holding the tissue vertically in the palm of your hand, slowly gather it up, crumpling the strip as you gather. Be sure to keep crumples straight and squeeze in your hand. Unfurl and separate tissue strips.


2. Working on a smooth, low-friction surface, gently gather one tissue strip with your fingertips and then squeeze the piece in your hand again. It should open up to resemble a loose accordion fold. Repeat with second tissue strip.

3. To construct the flower, pinch end of one petal into a fan shape — this will become your first petal.

4. Hold pinched end to pretaped wire so it wraps around the wire. Wrap with floral tape down and around the wire 1” beyond the base.

5. Nestle second petal beneath the first and adhere with floral tape evenly around the wire to create a round floret. Tape the full length of wire. Trim stem to the desired length using wire cutters. Turn flower upside down and wrap cut stem end with floral tape to finish.