Picture Frame Hoop Collage

Gather inexpensive embroidery hoops to create a photo collage of all your favorite memories. Don't stop at only nine hoops, if you have more photos just add more hoops!
By  Linda Valentino 



  • Embroidery hoops, 3”, three; 4”, four; 5”, two
  • Turquoise scrapbook paper
  • Turquoise cardstock
  • Photos in various sizes
  • Me & My Big Ideas Mambi Chips I Love my Family Stickers


  • DecoArt Americana Lamp Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Computer printer
  • API’s Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Tacky Glue

basic supplies

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Clothespins

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Project Instructions

1. Separate embroidery hoops and tighten screws. Set aside one 3” outer ring with screw, which will not be used. Paint remaining nine hoops Lamp Black; let dry. Arrange hoops as shown, with two screws on top for hanging and other screws hidden under different hoops.

2. Choose photos for each hoop. Trace outer edge of hoop onto photo and cut out. Adhere some photos to bottom of hoop and some to top of hoop. Print (or write) date or relevant information on cardstock. Cut and adhere to bottom of 4” hoop. Cut and adhere scrapbook paper to top of 3” hoop.

3. Adhere bottom seven hoops together as shown keeping two screws on top. Use clothespins to hold in place if needed. Adhere top two hoops in place. 

4. Stick “all of us” stickers to scrapbook hoop along with gold heart. Stick “together” to top of cardstock hoop. Let dry completely.