Recycled Box Purses

By  Linda Valentino 



  • Recycled frozen veggie box, 4”x5”x1¼”
  • Scrapbook paper, 12”x12”
  • Pink cardstock
  • Pink ribbon, 3/8”x10”
  • Blue button, 1”
  • Velcro circle


  • Hole punch, 1/8
  • API  Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Tacky Glue


  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

(Note: Directions are for the 4”x5” box pictured on right. Adjust measurements and patterns for your box size.) Print full-size pattern and cut from pink cardstock.

1. Measure and cut front and sides of box to 4”. Do not cut back of box. Draw lines across back as shown by dotted lines on inner purse pattern. Fold on lines and clip corners.

2. Trace bottom of box onto scrapbook paper, add ½” all around and cut out. Adhere to bottom of box, folding up extra paper onto box. Measure and cut piece of scrapbook paper to fit around box, approximately 4”x14”. Adhere around box. 

3. Adhere pink cardstock to inside purse, folding flap as you adhere. Adhere pink flap to front of purse flap. Punch two holes on top of purse as shown on pattern. Knot end of ribbon, thread through hole and down second hole. Knot. Adhere button to flap.

Try using a different size box and two coordinating papers for your purse. A silk flower will complete the look.