DIY Planner To-Do List

By  Jennie Garcia for Tombow 

size varies


Cardstock or paper



WideTrac Correction Tape*

Dual Brush Pens*

Blending Palette*

Spray Mister*

MONO Drawing Pencil*

MONO NP Eraser*

MONO Twin Permanent Marker*

Fudenosuke Brush Pen*


Hole punch 


*Manufactured by Tombow 

1. Cut cardstock panel to fit planner. Trace binder holes onto cardstock using the MONO Drawing Pencil and punch holes. Erase any leftover pencil marks with MONO NP Eraser.


2. To create watercolor background, scribble on Blending Palette or small piece of plastic with Dual Brush Pens. Spray water from Spray Mister onto palette and drip colors onto cardstock. Gently blow on water droplets using straw to create interesting effect. 

3. Write title or quote on top of page with Fudenosuke Brush Pen. 

4. Create check boxes and lines for the to-do list using the WideTrac Correction Tape. Frame check boxes and lines with MONO Twin Permanent Marker as shown. 


*Tip: Use Tombow Zoom L105 Ballpoint Pen to write on top of WideTrac Correction Tape. 



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