Creatively Color with Seussian Pages

By  Tombow  

size varies


Bright cardstock 
Fine, translucent glitter 
Small eyelet 


Irojiten Colored Pencils Vivid Coloring Set
Colored Pencil Eraser
Adhesives: Tombow MONO Dots, MONO Glue Pen 

basic supplies


1. Visit Tombow's website to download coloring page. 

2. Basecoat images using light colored pencils with light pressure. 


3. Color in details using different hues of the same color to create interest and showcase different details. Layer colors and shade with darker colors. Use harder pressure to get more vibrant colors. Blend colors and erase mistakes with colored pencil eraser. 


4. For background, use light pressure and leave space around lettering and bugs as shown. Continue coloring with light back and forth strokes, then use more pressure to darken edges. 


5. Trim finished coloring, leaving a slight edge. Create cardbase from cardstock and use adhesive dots to adhere cut coloring. 

6. Apply adhesive onto bugs with glue pen for precise application. Sprinkle glitter and tap off excess. Let dry. 


7. Create bookmarks with longer designs. Follow Steps 2-4 to color in image. Use crosshatching, scrumbling or a decorative stroke to fill in background. Cut out coloring, leaving a slight edge and adhere to bright cardstock with adhesive dots.


8. Trim cardstock base to frame coloring. Add an eyelet and tassel to top of bookmark. Adhere rhinestones to bugs with glue pen.