Pilgrim Name Card Holders

By  Sandy Rollinger 

sizes: girl, 3"x2-1/2"; boy, 3"x3-1/2"


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Balls, 1-1/4”, three
  • Polyform Model Air Clay
  • Cardstock: gray, blue
  • Plastic bathroom cup
  • Wiggle eyes, 5mm, four
  • Yarn: black, yellow


  • Clay-dedicated roller and promo credit card
  • Acrylic paints: flesh, white, blue, black
  • Fine-tip markers: black, red
  • Beacon Adhesives Kid’s Choice! Glue

Basic Supplies

  • plastic knife, scissors, ruler, craft mat, container of water, paper towels, toothpicks, flat paintbrush
  • 1. Cut one foam ball in half using plastic knife; place halves flat side down on work surface. Adhere one whole foam ball to each half; let dry. (Note: To reinforce connection, push spot-glued toothpick into center of half ball, and push whole ball into toothpick end.)
  • 2. Condition clay in hands until soft and pliable; roll out on craft mat. Cut section of clay with promo credit card and place on foam covering all areas and smoothing with fingers. Roll two small balls for noses; adhere to faces. Roll two clay logs for arms; adhere to body. Cut toothpicks into ½" segments; insert one segment two-thirds into end of each arm. Roll and slightly flatten four ovals for hands. Adhere hands at ends of arms, inserting exposed toothpick end into hand. Use toothpick to slightly indent hands for fingers. Let dry.
  • 3. Paint heads and hands flesh; let dry. Paint bodies and arms blue; let dry.
  • 4. Cut two 1/2" strips from rolled clay. Cut notch at center with using promo credit card. Wrap one strip around each body at neck, shaping into collar with fingers; adhere in place.
  • 5. Adhere lengths of yarn to heads for hair, trimming as desired. Adhere eyes to face and draw mouth using red marker. Add eyelashes to girl using black marker.
  • 6. For boy's hat, cut 2" circle from rolled clay for brim. Roll 1" tall cone for hat top. Press center of cone down to flatten top; adhere to circle and let dry. Mix black and white paints to create gray color; paint hat and let dry. Roll 3" thin coil; flatten. Wrap around hat as band; adhere and paint black. Cut small gray cardstock square; color small square in center with black marker to create buckle. Adhere to hat band. Adhere hat to head.
  • 7. For girl's hat, cut disposable cup in half horizontally, then vertically to form bonnet; adhere to head.
  • 8. For name tag, cut 3/4" gray cardstock strip, long enough to fit between hands. Cut 1/2" blue cardstock strip; adhere to gray strip. Write name on blue cardstock using marker. Adhere name tag between hands.