Paper Silhouette Nativity Ornament

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 5" tall


  • Day Dream Floral brown patterned paper
  • Cardstock: white; black
  • Silver paper
  • Wooden dowels, 3/16”, 4” lengths, two
  • Silver mini brads, two
  • Silver eyelets, 1/8”, three
  • Silver wire, 20-gauge, 8” length
  • Silver head pin, 1-1/2” long
  • Crystal faceted glass bead, 19mm


  • Rhonna Farrer Clear Stamps: Elegant Flourishes
  • Americana Acrylic Paint: Shimmering Silver
  • Ink pads: brown; black
  • Hole punches: 1/16”; 1/8”; 1/4”; 1/2”; 3/4”
  • Craft knife
  • Metal-edge ruler
  • Paper glue

Pattern - Paper Silhouette Nativity Ornament

  • 1. Glue white cardstock to back of brown patterned paper to make it sturdy; cut 3-1/4"x5"x5" rectangle and ink edges.
  • 2. Use black ink to stamp swirl across rectangle, 1/2" from top edge.
  • 3. Print and cut out pattern. Place copy of nativity pattern on black cardstock and tape edges to secure. Place metal-edge ruler on all straight lines and run craft knife along ruler edge to make precise cuts. (Note: Do not cute circle shapes.) Punch one 1/4" circle and two 1/2" circles from black paper and glue to silhouette design for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph's heads. Punch one 1/2" and two 3/4" circles from silver paper and glue behind heads. Glue silhouette design, except star, to center of patterned rectangle.
  • 4. Punch 1/16" holes in corners of silhouette designs; attach brads. Punch 1/8" holes in paper at dots indicated on pattern; attach eyelets.
  • 5. Paint dowels Shimmering Silver. Wrap and glue top and bottom of paper rectangle around dowels with ends even at sides. For hanger, insert wire ends through eyelets at top of ornament and bend ends in back.
  • 6. Place crystal bead on head pin. Insert wire through eyelet at bottom of ornament, bending wire as needed to fit around dowel. Glue star to center top of ornament.