Stamped Parchment Covered Jar Lanterns

By  Mary Ayres 

size: varies


  • Recycled clear glass jars in assorted sizes
  • Parchment paper
  • Silver wire: 18-gauge; 20-gauge
  • Natural Elegance bead mix (Blue Moon Beads): #1 Nat
  • Clear acrylic gems


  • Clear Choice Leaf Décor Stamps (Royal & Langnickel)
  • Black permanent ink pad
  • Black permanent fine- and medium-tip markers
  • Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Glue (API)
  • Tools: Round-nose pliers; wire cutters
  • 1. Remove labels and adhesive from jars. (Note: Use adhesive remover and scouring pad for easier removal.) Wash and dry jars.
  • 2. Cut strips from parchment paper to fit round jar, adding 1/4" overlap, and leaving open areas as desired. Stamp leaves symmetrically across paper strips. (Note: Use ruler and pencil to mark evenly spaced stamping guidelines on paper before stamping.) Use marker to draw lines lengthwise across top and bottom of paper strips. Glue one short edge of paper strips to jar along seam line. Overlap and glue remaining short end to jar.
  • 3. For each jar, measure around top of jar and divide in half. Cut two lengths from 18-gauge wire to half the measurement of jar plus 1", allowing 1/2" for loops at sides. Use pliers to bend ends of one wire length over to make loops. Bend ends of remaining wire length over slightly. Insert wire ends through loops on first wire. Bend wire ends over to make loops. Place wire lengths around top of jar before making final loop. Wire should fit tightly around jar.
  • 4. For each handle, cut 13" length from 18-gauge wire. Bend wire ends over slightly and insert through loops on opposite sides of jar. Bend wire ends over to make loops.
  • 5. Add beads and finish jars as desired. Options include: string beads on 20-gauge wire and wrap around an indentation in jar; string bead on 20-gauge wire and hang from one side of handle; place large gem on 18-gauge wire and hang from bottom of jar (attaching wire ends to same loops as handle); place large gems on wire handle before attaching ends to jar (bending wire under gems to secure).