Keepsake or Gift Card Box

for  Craft Marketing

size: 12"x8-1/2"x2-1/2"


  • Sturdy cardboard box, 12”x8-1/2”x2-1/2”
  • Navy cardstock, 12”x12”, two
  • Hampton Art papers: KI Memories Vintage Charm Collection 12x12 Die Cut Lace Paper (KI10065); Jillibean Soup Grandma’s Lima Bean Soup Collection Dried Marjoram, two sheets
  • FabScraps embellishments: metal filigrees, 1-1/4” square, eight; non-adhesive pink flat back pearls, 10mm, eight
  • Blush pink satin ribbon, 5/8”-wide, 1-1/3 yds.


  • Scoring tool
  • Elmer’s X-ACTO tools: 12” Rotary Paper Cutter, 12” Metal Ruler, 5” Precision Tip Scissors
  • Elmer’s CraftBond adhesives: All Purpose Glue Stick, Quick Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen

Basic Supplies

  • pencil
  • 1. Measure box lid: depth of lid + length of lid (8-1/2") + depth of lid + 1/2" foldover equals Measurement "A". Cut cardstock to size (12"xA"); set aside. Cut two short side pieces: depth of lid + 1/2" foldover x length of lid (8-1/2) + 1/2" foldover. Make crisp fold lines with ruler and scorer in all three pieces. Adhere two side pieces to box, wrapping foldover around box edges inside lid and onto box top. Trim or notch as desired to fit.
  • 2. Cut two 12" lengths of ribbon for ties. Adhere 1/2" section to box lid top, flowing out over short sides of box.
  • 3. Adhere large piece of cardstock to box lid, wrapping foldover inside lid.
  • 4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to cover the box bottom with Dried Marjoram.
  • 5. Center die cut lace paper over lid across 12" side. Allow edges to extend beyond box lid as shown. Mark folds with scorer; adhere with glue stick.
  • 6. Adhere pearls in centers of filigrees. Place filigrees on box lid as shown; adhere with glue pen. Place lid on box and tie closed.