Paper Mache Crow Box

By  Mary Ayres 


  • Round papier-mâché box, 3-1/8”x5-3/4”
  • STYROFOAM egg, 2-1/2”, three
  • Patterned papers: mottled orange; black stripe; black words; black swirl; beige (Scenic Route); textured yellow (Basic Grey)
  • Solid papers: newsprint; black cardstock
  • Forster Woodsies stars, 1-1/4”, two (Loew-Cornell)
  • Embellishments: black paper fasteners, two; black feathers, two; orange fiber or yarn; wire or jump rings to attach beads & tag; round eyelet, 1/8”; head pin, 2”; assorted beads
  • Heartwarming Vintage Cuts Halloween Time vintage tag (Crafty Secrets)


  • Americana Acrylic Paint: Lamp Black (DecoArt)
  • Paintbrush
  • Black ink pad
  • Circle punches, 1/8”; 1/2”
  • Sandpaper
  • Disposable gloves
  • Permanent Adhesives: Gem-Tac; Paper-Tac (Beacon Adhesives)

Pattern - Paper Mache Crow Box

  • Note
  • 1. Use dry sponge scrap to ink paper edges throughout.
  • Box
  • 1. Cut strips from strips paper to fit box sides; glue in place, piecing strips as needed.
  • 2. Place box lid on wrong side of orange paper; trace. Draw another line 1/2" outside of first circle. Cut out larger circle. Make cuts into circle, 1/4" apart, up to first pencil line. Glue circle to lid, folding cut edge over to side of lid. Cut strips from word paper to same measurement as side of box lid and glue around side of lid, piecing strips as needed.
  • 3. Place lid on box. Wrap orange fiber around side of lid and knot.
  • 4. Punch 1/8" hole in top corner of vintage tag; attach eyelet. Place beads on head pin; bend top of head pin over until it touches top of last bead to form loop for hanging. Attach tag and beaded head pin to fiber, using small piece of wire or jump ring. Glue fiber knot to side of lid to secure.
  • Crow
  • 1. For papier-mache body, mix equal parts Gem-Tac with water. Cut 1/2"x10" strips from newsprint. Wearing disposable gloves, place newsprint strips in glue mixture and wrap around egg, covering it completely. Place egg on small surface (paint cap or bottle cap) to dry. Paint egg Lamp Black.
  • 2. For beak, cut 2" circle from yellow paper; cut in half. Wrap half circle into cone shape, overlapping straight sides, and glue. Glue beak to end of egg.
  • 3. For eyes, punch two 1/2" circles from neutral paper. Punch 1/8" hole in center of paper circles. Insert brads through holes in paper circles, pub dab of glue under circles, then press into body above beak.
  • 4. Print and cut out patterns. Glue black cardstock to back of swirl paper. From paper, cut two wings (in mirror image) and one tail. Fold or score wings and tail along dashed lines on pattern. Glue wings to sides of crow's body and tail to back of body. Glue feathers to body on both sides of tail.
  • 5. For star feet, glue yellow paper to wooden stars and cut around edges. Sand edges, then ink edges black.
  • 6. Glue crow to lid. Glue feed to lid under front of crow's body.