Jack-o-Lantern Jar

By  Mary Ayres 


  • Glass quart jar
  • Patterned papers: orange dot & harlequin green (Kaleidoscope); textured yellow & grey (Basic Grey); black swirl (Frances Meyer)
  • Emerald green glass mixed beads (The Beadery)
  • Orange fun fur
  • Black brads, two
  • Silver eyelets, 1/8”, 28
  • Tag Maker Rim (Making Memories)
  • Gold wire, 20-gauge


  • Black ink pad
  • Circle punches: 1/8”; 3/4”
  • Scoring blade
  • Sewing machine and black thread
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Computer and printer

Pattern - Jack-o-Lantern Jar

  • 1. Cut 4-1/4"x10-1/2" rectangle from orange paper; sand edges.
  • 2. Print and cut out patterns. For eyes, punch two 3/4" circles from yellow and black paper. Cut mouth from yellow and black paper. Ink edges of eye and mouth shapes. Glue black shapes to backs of yellow shapes (down and to the right). Glue shapes to left side of rectangle, using photo as placement guide. (Note: Side of mouth should be 3/4" from left edge of rectangle.) Machine sew close to edges of yellow shapes.
  • 3. Punch 1/8" holes around all four sides of rectangle, 1/4" from edge and approximately 1" apart; attach eyelets. Thread orange fiber through eyelets, going over top and bottom of rectangle in one direction, then the opposite directions, gluing ends in back.
  • 4. For nose, cut 1-1/2" square from yellow paper; score along dashed lines on pattern. Make cut into square, following solid line on pattern. Fold square along scored lines, overlapping and gluing long triangles at sides and short triangles at bottom to make dimensional nose. Ink edges of nose and glue to face.
  • 5. Wrap pumpkin rectangle around jar. Thread long orange fiber through bottom eyelets at sides of rectangle, then lace fiber through eyelets to top of rectangle; knot and trim ends.
  • 6. Place jar lid on wrong side of green paper; trace. Draw another line 1/2" outside first line. Cut out circle along second line. Make cuts into circle, 1/4" apart, up to first pencil line. Glue circle shape to top of jar lid, folding cut edge over to side of lid. Cut strip from green paper slightly longer than measurement of side of lid; glue.
  • 7. Wrap orange fiber around jar under lid; tie on left side.
  • 8. Cut one 2" and two 3" wire lengths. Bend one end of wire into loop. Attach beads to wire. Bend remaining wire end into loop over fiber around top of jar.
  • 9. Use computer or handwrite "carving out fun" on grey paper; trim to tag shape and insert into metal tag rim. Punch 1/8" hole in top of tag. Thread 6" wire length through hole and make loop to secure wire to tag. Bend wire into loops and attach wire to orange fiber in same way as beads. Glue fiber to jar.