QC: Vintage Haunted House

By  Tina Haller 

  • Vintage Haunted House


  • Vintage Halloween images from a storybook
  • Hard covers
  • Papers from the book
  • Twigs
  • Silk flowers
  • Spanish moss
  • Ribbon
  • Velvet trims
  • Glitter


  • Glue gun
  • 1. Designer Tina Haller used vintage Halloween images from a storybook for this creative abode. She used hard covers and a glue gun to construct the house, and covered the house with papers from the book.
  • 2. She then embellished the house with twigs (perfect for covering seams), silk flowers, Spanish moss, ribbon and velvet trims. For added sparkle, Tina applied a little glitter here and there.
  • 3. Check your local flea markets, used bookstores and eBay for house-worthy vintage books with nice illustrations.