Give Thanks Banner

By  Madeline Arendt 

size: 60"

  • Give Thanks Banner
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  • Glittered craft foam: copper, red, orange, yellow
  • Craft foam: deep red, brown, yellow, orange
  • Green chipboard letters, 4”: G, I, V, E, T, H, A, N, K, S
  • Raffia
  • Fall-themed fabric, scraps
  • Jute cording


  • Green glitter
  • Tacky glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, hole punch, stylus, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Give Thanks Banner

  • 1. Print out patterns. Cut leaves from craft foam.
  • 2. Determine length of banner desired. Group leaves in pairs and determine layout of leaves.
  • 3. Indent vein lines on leaves using stylus.
  • 4. Prepare chipboard letters by punching hole on top edge for hanging cord. Brush each letter with glue; sprinkle with green glitter. Set aside to dry.
  • 5. Cut raffia into 10" lengths. Tear fabric into 1"x8" strips.
  • 6. With leaves matched in pairs, punch hole on center just below stems. Repeat for all pairs.
  • 7. Thread two lengths of raffia through holes on leaf pairs; tie around stems.
  • 8. Position jute cording along work surface, or use floor if large table is unavailable. Space out leaf pairs along cording. Determine placement of "GIVE THANKS" between leaves.
  • 9. Beginning on center of cording, use fabric strip to wrap around cording and leaf pair stems; knot on front. Continue attaching leaf pairs on cording. Attach chipboard letters using raffia threaded through punched hole on top of each letter. Trim raffia and fabric strips if needed. To hang, attach ends of jute cording around hangers or hardware.
  • Tip
  • 1. Change the size of the banner by adding or subtracting leaf groups, plus placing the groups closer together or further apart, and adding extra fabric strips between.