Pressed Flower Luminary

By  Vickie Kammerer 

size: 5"x5"x5"

  • Pressed Flower Luminary
  • Other Side View


  • Chipboard
  • Prima Sun Kiss Collection Shady Nook Paper
  • Michaels Recollections Boutique Fleur Natural Pressed Flowers, assorted
  • Natural waxed cord
  • Battery-operated tea light candle


  • Heavy-duty hole punch
  • Emery board or sanding block
  • DecoArt Americana French Vanilla Acrylic Paint
  • Adhesives: double-sided tape, transparent tape, découpage medium

Basic Supplies

  • paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pencil, craft knife and cutting mat, wax paper, paintbrush, sponge brush, iron and pressing surface
  • Note
  • 1. Use only battery-operated tea light candle inside luminary to prevent melting or risk of fire.
  • Luminary
  • 1. Measure and cut one 5" square from chipboard using craft knife; measure and cut 3-1/2" square from center. Use frame as template to cut three more frames from chipboard.
  • 2. Cover work surface with wax paper. Paint all surfaces of each chipboard frame French Vanilla; let dry.
  • 3. Trace frames onto back of Shady Nook paper; cut out. Découpage papers to frames using sponge brush; let dry. Lightly sand paper edges for distressed look. Apply second coat of découpage medium to frames; let dry.
  • 4. Punch three holes for binding along one edge of first chipboard frame. Use first frame as template to punch holes on both edges of all frames to ensure proper alignment.
  • 5. Cut four 4-1/2"x9" pieces from wax paper; fold each into 4-1/2" square and open again. With fold at top and using photo as guide, arrange flowers on bottom half of each wax paper piece so they will show through frame openings; gently close wax paper.
  • 6. On protected surface, use iron set on medium heat to very gently press wax paper panels, encasing flowers. Go slowly and press iron onto wax paper rather than sliding it. Be sure to iron around all edges and around and between flowers. Turn wax paper over and iron back in same way. Be sure all edges are sealed.
  • 7. Turn frames over and adhere wax paper panels to back using double-sided tape, making sure desired side of floral arrangement will show through frame opening.
  • 8. Starting with two panels, thread waxed cord through binding holes, knotting at top and bottom inside luminary to secure. Repeat to join all frame panels. Use transparent tape to secure knots to frame backs.
  • 9. Place luminary over battery-operated tea light candle.
  • Tip
  • 1. Look for chipboard luminary kits or use a die-cutting machine and frame die to save time.