First Birthday Album

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 7"x5"

  • First Birthday Album
  • Open Views
  • Back View


  • Avatrex Scrapbooking Attitude Inkjet Film, 8-1/2”x11” sheets, five
  • Recycled chipboard packaging inserts, 7”x5”, 12
  • Solid cardstock, 12”x12” sheets, 2 each: red, yellow, orange, teal
  • White swirl-texture paper, 8-1/2”x11” sheet, one
  • Coordinating patterned papers, 12”x12” sheets, 12
  • Coordinating embellishments: dome stickers, shaped jewel words, metal accents, etc.
  • Coordinating ribbons
  • Digital images, 4”x6”, 20-22 plus image for cover


  • Computer and inkjet printer
  • Elmer's X-ACTO Tools: 12” Rotary Paper Trimmer, 12” Metal Ruler, 8” Scissors, Craft Knife, Self-Healing Mat
  • Elmer's CraftBond Adhesives: Permanent Glue Dot Runner, Foam Mounting Tape, All Purpose Glue Stick, Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, large cardboard box, heavy-duty hole punch, copy paper
  • 1. Plan layout of album, thinking in terms of front, back, and two-page spreads. Using photos as guides, determine placement of papers on pages first, followed by photos, captions, and embellishments.
  • 2. Cut 24 paper pieces to same size as chipboard pages. Using glue stick, adhere one sheet to front of every page. On back of page, use craft knife to cut out paper over packaging hanger opening. Cover opposite side of each page with paper; cut out hanger opening. (Note: If using cereal box board, cover pages and punch hole at center of one end with heavy-duty hole punch.)
  • 3. Crop photos for album pages as desired and mat on solid cardstock using glue dot runner; adhere photos to pages.
  • 4. With computer and inkjet printer, resize cover photo to 4"x6". Test print onto copy paper. Read Scrapbooking Attitude package instructions. Print mirror image of photo onto glossy side of Attitude sheet. Let dry for one to two hours. Do not remove backing paper.
  • 5. Use scissors to trim excess Attitude even with outside edges of photo.
  • 6. In well-ventilated area, inside spraying box, spray printed side of Attitude image with adhesive. Carefully peel printed sheet from backing paper and position image, sticky side down, onto textured paper. Pay attention to position of textured shapes that will show through image.
  • 7. Rough cut child image 1/4" beyond image edges, then detail cut image. Using photo as guide, use two layers of foam mounting tape to adhere image to album cover.
  • 8. For album title and each page caption, use computer and desired font to format wording. (Note: Test print all wording onto copy paper.) Print mirror image of all text onto glossy side of Attitude sheets; text will print in reverse. Let dry for one to two hours.
  • 9. Using rotary trimmer, cut out title and captions. Repeat Step 6 to adhere text to album pages.
  • 10. Using photos as guides, adhere embellishments to album pages.
  • 11. To connect pages, cut 30" ribbon length. Thread ribbon through holes in pages, knot, and tie bow; trim ribbon ends. Use hole punch to punch three holes in opposite end of front cover. Cut three 15" ribbon lengths and loop one length through each hole; trim ribbon ends.
  • Tip
  • 1. If you don't have recycled packaging inserts on hand, cut pages from recycled cereal boxes and punch binding hole with heavy-duty hole punch.