Rustic Wedding Guest Book & Flower Pen

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 5-1/4"x12"

  • Rustic Wedding Guest Book & Flower Pen
  • Guest Book and Flower Pen


  • Art Minds Clear Pine Craft Wood, 1/4”x5-1/4”x12”, two
  • Unfinished wooden monogram letter, 1-3/4”x4”
  • Ballpoint pen with removable top
  • Silk flower, 3”
  • Natural burlap, 1/8 yd.
  • Bead Landing Metal Frame (with bride & groom photo), 1-1/2”x1-1/2”
  • Ivory cardstock
  • Embellishments for top of frame: silver heart charm, crystal bead with wire loop
  • Flat-backed crystals, 3/16”
  • Tea-dyed ribbon, 5/8”-wide, 1 yd.
  • Silver metal eyelets, 3/16”, two (for each page)
  • Black leather cording, 2mm, 1 yd.


  • Electric drill with 1/8” bit
  • Sewing machine and ivory thread
  • Eyelet setter tool
  • Computer and printer
  • Large alphabet rubber stamps
  • Ink pads: brown, black
  • Paper glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, pencil, sponge, soft cloth, florist or masking tape
  • 1. Rub front and back edges of wooden rectangles with brown ink. Stack wooden rectangles together and drill two holes 3" from top and bottom, and 1/2" in from left side.
  • 2. Cut 4-1/4"x10" rectangle from ivory cardstock. Machine sew around rectangle 1/8" from edge (overlapping stitching at end). Rub paper edges and stitching with brown ink. Rub edges of wooden letter with brown ink.
  • 3. Mark placement of metal photo frame and wooden letter lightly with pencil on stitched paper rectangle. Stamp first name initials at sides of wooden letter placement with black ink.
  • 4. Adhere stitched paper rectangle to center front of one wooden rectangle. Adhere wooden letter to paper between black initials. Attach embellishments and ribbon to eyelet at center top of metal frame; adhere frame to paper above wooden letter.
  • 5. Using computer, set up word "Guests" and lines for names underneath (1/2" apart with 3-3/4" line length) to fit within 4-7/8"x11" rectangles. Print as many pages as needed on ivory cardstock. Cut out 4-7/8"x11" rectangles around "Guests"/lines. Adhere pages back to back so lines show on both sides (double thickness of paper will make pages sturdier). Machine sew around pages 1/8" from edges. Rub paper edges and stitching with brown ink.
  • 6. Punch two 3/16" holes in left side of pages 2-1/2" from top and bottom, and 5/16" in from left side, and attach metal eyelets. Place pages between wooden rectangles. Cut leather cording in half. Insert cording pieces through holes in wood and metal eyelets on pages; tie into knot on left side, leaving enough cording between knot and book so book opens and lays flat.
  • 7. To make flower pen, remove plastic piece from top of pen. Adhere bottom tip of flower into opening at top of pen. Wrap florist or masking tape around top of pen and bottom of flower to secure. Cut 3/4"x36" burlap strip. Wrap and adhere burlap diagonally around pen, beginning at bottom. Trim burlap strip at top. Wrap ribbon around top of pen; tie bow. Trim ribbon ends.
  • Tip
  • 1. Place wooden rectangles on scrap block of wood before drilling. Use a small piece of sponge or a soft cloth to rub ink around edges of wood and paper.