No Lion - You’re My Favorite!

By  Beth Watson 

size: 5"

  • No Lion - You’re My Favorite!
  • Inside View


  • Cardstock: bright yellow, dk. brown, pink
  • Wiggle eyes, two
  • Pinking shears
  • Craft glue
  • Optional: Fiskars Hand Held Heart Punch


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Brown marker
  • 1. Measure and cut two 5" bright yellow circles (face) and 5" dk. brown circle (mane). Cut 2" bright yellow circle (face).
  • 2. Use brown marker to write "No Lion- You're My Favorite Valentine!" on one large bright yellow circle.
  • 3. Measure 1/2" from edge on other large bright yellow circle. Use pencil to mark line. Fold on line. To create card, glue folded area onto top of other large bright yellow circle (with message). Let dry.
  • 4. For mane, use pinking shears to cut slits through dk. brown circle. (Make sure to not cut all the way through circle.) Glue mane on front of card.
  • 5. Glue face on center of mane. Use heart punch or cut two bright yellow hearts (ears), two red hearts (inner ears), and one pink heart (nose). Use black marker to outline ears and nose.
  • 6. Glue inner ears on ears and ears (upside down) on top of mane. Glue nose (upside down) on center of face. Glue wiggle eyes above nose.
  • 7. Use black marker to draw mouth, whiskers, and eyebrows.