Trendy Tiled Tray & Coasters

By  Hilary Stephens  for  Environmental Technology, Inc.

sizes: tray, 10-1/2"x14"; coasters, 4-1/4"x4-1/4"

  • Trendy Tiled Tray & Coasters


  • Wooden tray, 10-1/2”x14”
  • Ceramic tiles, 4-1/4”x4-1/4”
  • Foam core board, 1/4” thick
  • Holiday print papers, in assorted styles and colors
  • Cork sheet


  • Environmental Technology Inc. EnviroTex Lite Epoxy Coating (16 oz. kit)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Glitter
  • Clear craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, pencil, straight pin, ink pen, disposable brushes, plastic tablecloth (to cover work surface), small disposable drink cups, sandpaper, foam brushes, sandpaper, disposable container, paintbrush
  • Note
  • 1. The wooden tray measures 10-1/2"x14". Each tray tile measures 3-1/4"x4-1/4". A space of 1/4" is left between each tile to create "grout" line.
  • Prepare Tray
  • 1. Cut nine 3-1/4"x4-1/4" tiles from foam core board. Cut nine 3-1/4"x4-1/4" from assorted holiday print papers.
  • 2. Measure and mark center of tray and center of one tile. Poke straight pin through center mark of tile; use pin to help position center tile exactly on center mark of tray. Draw line around tile with pen, pressing fairly hard. (Note: This impression will later be used to accurately adhere first tile into place on tray.)
  • 3. On covered work surface, paint edges of tiles and inside and outside of tray black. Let dry.
  • 4. Adhere print paper on each tile. Let dry.
  • 5. Adhere tiles inside tray starting with center tile impression. Space each tile 1/4" apart for grout lines. Apply two coats of glue to top of tiles, in between tiles on grout lines, and to inside walls of tray. Let dry overnight. (Note: The layers of glue seal paper so epoxy coating doesn't darken design or make ink run.)
  • 6. Brush top edge of tray with clear glue; apply glitter. Shake off excess glitter and return to bottle. Let dry.
  • Prepare Drink Coasters
  • 1. Trace ceramic tiles on print papers. Cut out and adhere onto ceramic tiles. Let dry.
  • 2. Apply two coats of glue onto ceramic tiles. Let dry overnight. Brush borders of tile with glue; sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Shake off excess glitter and return to bottle. Let dry.
  • Apply Epoxy Coating
  • 1. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth. Position tray on four small disposable drink cups, one under each corner. Position each ceramic coaster on top of disposable drink cup. (Note: Excess epoxy will flow off of tray bottom and coasters and onto covered work surface.)
  • 2. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix 10 oz. of epoxy coating in disposable container. Slowly pour 1 oz. of epoxy on each coaster. Pour remaining epoxy around inside of tray. (Note: Adjust amount of epoxy mixed depending on number of coasters and size of tray.) Use foam brush to spread epoxy to inside walls of tray, covering surface evenly. Brush epoxy on handle holes and on outside edges of tray. Let tray and coasters cure for two days.
  • 3. Turn tray over and sand epoxy drips off using sandpaper. Sand epoxy bumps off underside of coasters.
  • 4. Trace coasters on cork sheet; cut out. Adhere cork onto bottom of coasters using glue. Let dry.