What I Love About You Album

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 7"x5"

  • What I Love About You Album


  • Chipboard album, 7”x5”
  • Avatrex Scrapbooking Attitude Inkjet Film, 8-1/2”x11”, five sheets
  • Colorbok/TPC Studio Cardstock, 12”x12”: Dark Chocolate, one sheet; Beyond the Page Collection Bohemian Tapestry, one sheet, and Moss Flourish, two sheets
  • Colorbok/TPC Studio Papers, 12”x12”: Crushed Silk, one sheet; Let’s Eat Collection Cook Off, one sheet, and Placemat, two sheets
  • Metal embellishments: keys, 1”-1-1/2” long, four; lock, 1”x1-3/4”
  • Green wavy velour ribbon, 1/4”-wide, 2/3 yds.
  • Brown seed beads, three
  • Digital photos, 6”x4”, five


  • Computer and inkjet printer
  • X-ACTO Tools: 12” Rotary Paper Trimmer, 8” Scissors, Gripster Knife, 12”x12” Self Healing Cutting Mat, 12” Metal Ruler
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Adhesives: All Purpose Glue Stick, Permanent Dot Runner, Foam Mounting Tape

Basic Supplies

  • hole punch, glue gun and glue sticks
  • Note
  • 1. Ask an assistant for help with Steps 6 and 10.
  • Album
  • 1. Using photos as guide, plan album layout.
  • 2. Cut Bohemian Tapestry paper to fit front and back covers. Apply glue stick to entire surface of each cover and adhere papers. Turn covers over and punch holes.
  • 3. Repeat Step 2 to cover remaining album pages with papers; use one paper per album spread. Cover one side of page, punch holes, then cover other side of page and punch holes again.
  • 4. Following manufacturer's instructions, print mirror images of each digital photo onto glossy side of Scrapbooking Attitude sheet; multiple images can fit on each sheet. Trim images, leaving 1/2" borders. Wait to remove backing paper.
  • 5. Cut five 6"x4" panels from Crushed Silk paper.
  • 6. Apply even layer of glue stick to one paper panel. Peel backing from first printed image. With assistant, hold glossy, printed side of film centered 1" above paper. With assistant's end still held up, place your end down onto paper, lightly pressing onto glue. Smooth image, working toward assistant's end. Gently smooth surface to eliminate any air bubbles. (Note: If bubbles appear, insert pin into them, then smooth again.) Let dry. Trim image to 5-1/4"x4". Repeat for remaining images.
  • 7. Adhere laminated Attitude image to cover with adhesive runner. For next three pages, mat images on dark brown cardstock; mat last image with green paper. Adhere images to right-hand pages with foam tape.
  • 8. Print desired title onto printer paper to check size. On mirror image setting on printer (letters are backward), print onto glossy side of Attitude sheet. Detail cut title, 1/8" from letters. Apply glue stick to title area on front cover, peel title from backing, turn over, and adhere to cover. (Note: Excess glue will dry clear.)
  • 9. For page words, on computer, make two 7"x5" text boxes on page. Type words for first two pages into separate boxes. On mirror image setting on printer, print onto glossy side of Attitude sheet. Repeat for next two pages in album. Cut word pages in half to measure 8-1/2"x5-1/2".
  • 10. On first inside left-hand page, apply glue stick to entire surface. Peel backing from desired words, turn over, and have assistant help center and adhere to page. Turn page over and trim excess film even with page edges. Repeat for remaining pages.
  • 11. Stack pages and bind with ribbon, knotting at front. Use glue gun to adhere one key, lock, and seed beads to front cover. Thread remaining keys onto ribbon ends; knot to secure and trim ends.