Advent Tree

By  Barbara Matthiessen 

Count the days 'til Christmas with this bright and cheery Advent Tree. Simply move a light bulb onto the tree for each day, then add the star at the top on Christmas day to reveal a fully decorated tree!

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  • Craft foam: brown, 1-1/2”x2”; blue, 11-1/2”x18”, two; white, 11-1/2”x18”; green, 11-1/2”x18”
  • 24 pre-cut craft foam light bulb shapes


  • Aleene’s Adhesives: Spritz-On Reposition-It! Tacky Glue, Reposition-It! Tacky Glue, FunCraft Foam Glue
  • Markers: black medium-tip; silver metallic

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, ruler or yardstick

Pattern - Advent Tree

  • Note
  • 1. Use photo as guide for creating this project.

    Advent Tree
  • Advent Tree
  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Follow directions on patterns.
  • 2. For calendar, use one blue sheet, black marker, and ruler or yardstick to draw four 2-1/4"-wide vertical lines. Measure and draw a 3-1/2"-wide horizontal line from top edge; measure and draw four 3" wide horizontal lines from first line. Use marker to write in numbers, 1-25. Follow manufacturer's instructions for foam glue to adhere other blue sheet to top 1/2" of calendar. Use marker to draw a wiggly outline along the side edges of banner.
  • 3. For top, middle, and bottom of banner snowdrifts, cut from width of white foam sheet and cut strips so one long edge is straight and other is a random wave. For top snowdrift, cut foam to measure 2" on left side and 4" on right side. For middle snowdrift, cut waves to measure between 1-3/4" and 2-1/2". For bottom snowdrift, cut waves to measure between 2-3/4" and 3-1/4". With Figure 1 on pattern as guide, use black marker for the following: write "Advent Tree" on top snowdrift and draw snowflakes to each side of words; write family's name on middle snowdrift; write "Christmas Countdown" on bottom snowdrift; outline edges of each snowdrift and around "Christmas Countdown" as shown.
  • 4. To assemble the banner, adhere top snowdrift to top of banner so straight edges are aligned. Adhere middle snowdrift to center of banner at overlap, and bottom snowdrift to bottom of banner so straight edges are aligned.
  • 5. To assemble the tree, center and adhere trunk to top of middle snowdrift. Center and adhere tree pieces to banner, overlapping edges slightly: tree bottom to top of trunk; tree middle to top of tree bottom; tree top to top of tree middle. Adhere tree snow layers to overlapped edges of tree, beginning with first tree snow layer and ending with fourth tree snow layer.
  • 6. Use silver marker to draw bulb threading, to highlight bulbs, and to color in star as shown. Let dry. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply tacky reposition glue to back of bulbs and star. Press bulbs onto calendar squares and place star on the 25th. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply pump-spray reposition glue to back of entire advent calendar. When dry, banner may be placed where desired without the use of tools or hardware, and removed quickly and easily when the season is over.
  • Tip
  • 1. If you are unable to locate pre-cut Christmas light bulb shapes, cut your own from craft foam.