Water Melonie

By  Mary Ayres  for  The DMC Corporation

Summer boredom will be gone in a breeze when your kids create this fast and easy craft.

  • Water Melonie


  • Craft foam: green, white, bright pink, light pink
  • DMC craft thread, 1 skein each: green, variegated green, white, pink, variegated pink
  • Pony beads, 2 each: green, white, bright pink, light pink


  • Acrylic paints: fuchsia, white
  • Decorative edged scissors: snake, worm, caterpillar
  • 1/4” circle hand punch
  • Black permanent markers: fine, medium
  • Thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • paper, pencil, scissors, ruler, stencil brush, paper plate (for palette), paper towel

Pattern - Water Melonie

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Follow directions on patterns. Use the following decorative edged scissors to cut rounded edges of craft foam pieces: worm for white; snake for bright pink; caterpillar for light pink. Use circle punch to punch holes in green foam where indicated by "·" on pattern.
  • 2. Make the face. See photo. Use fuchsia to dry brush cheeks on light pink foam. (Note: To dry brush, dip stencil brush into paint, stroke on paper towel until almost dry, and brush surface in a circular motion.) Dip handle end of paintbrush into white and touch handle to each cheek. Let dry. Use medium tip marker to dot eyes and to draw seeds along bottom of face; use fine tip to draw mouth.
  • 3. Make the braids. Cut loop from one end of each craft thread skein. Remove labels. Unfold cut skein and lay flat. Divide each skein in half. Insert one end of each half skein through bottom holes of green craft foam in the following order: green, variegated green, white, variegated pink, pink, variegated pink, white, variegated green, green. Braid each 2-3/4" long. Knot and trim ends even.
  • 4. Finish up. For hanger, thread and center one strand from remaining half skein of pink through each top hole. Thread pony beads on each side in the following order: green, white, bright pink, light pink. Knot strand ends together. See photo. Glue craft foam pieces together so top edges are even, in the following order: white to green, bright pink to white, light pink to bright pink. Let dry.