Ribbon Flower Pot

By  Barbara Greve 

Ribbons and buttons combine to create a fun summertime centerpiece!

  • Ribbon Flower Pot


  • Terra cotta pot, 3”
  • Midwest Products Cellfoam 88, 3mm
  • Papers in various patterns and colors
  • Ribbon in various color & prints, 3/4"-wide: 3-1/4” length (petals), 18; 5” length (leaves), three; 16” length
  • Metal charm of choice
  • Jewelry hemp (coordinating colors), 12” length, three
  • Wooden dowel, 1/8”, 9-1/4” length, three
  • Straw filler
  • Florist foam


  • Delta Ceramcoat: Lt. Foliage Green Acrylic Paint; All-Purpose Sealer; Satin Découpage Medium
  • Die cutter or template: circle, 1-3/4”; button, 1”
  • Craft wire, 28-gauge
  • Sewing needle
  • Wire cutter
  • Delta Sobo Glue
  • 1. For flower base, cut out 1-3/4" circle and 1" button from craft foam and paper. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply sealer to craft foam circles and buttons. Follow manufacturer's instructions to découpage papers over craft foam circles and buttons. Glue button to circle front center; poke button holes through circle. Make two remaining flower bases in same way.
  • 2. For petals, fold 3-1/4" ribbons in half and glue ends to back of flower base as shown (six petals per flower).
  • 3. For stems, follow manufacturer's instructions to apply sealer to dowels; paint green, and let dry. Thread hemp through button holes, catching stem at back; tie hemp in bow at front. (Note: Use glue to secure stem.) For leaves, tie 5" ribbon length around stem.
  • 4. Tie 16" ribbon length around pot rim; knot and trim ends. Use wire to attach charm to ribbon knot. Cut florist foam to fit inside pot; insert flower stems as shown. Cover florist foam with straw filler.