Patriotic Table Setting

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 30" tall

  • Patriotic Table Setting


  • Metal containers: 7” paint can, recycled soup can, mini loaf pan
  • FloraCraft Design It Desert Foam, 2-5/8”x3-1/2”x7-7/8” bricks, two
  • The Paper Company/TPC Studio Heartfelt Travel Collection Papers: Postcards (2 sheets), Our Journey (1), Stripe (2), Blue Rose (2), Compass (1), Blue Floral (5), Red Floral (3)
  • Wooden dowels, 1/4”x36”, two
  • Wire, 24-gauge, 20” length
  • Buttons: 1-1/2” white, 1” burgundy
  • Navy ribbon, 3/8”-wide, 1/2 yd.


  • FloraCraft Design It Foam Cutter
  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Tools: 12” PivotCut Rotary Paper Trimmer, 6” Precision-Tip Scissors, 12” Metal Ruler
  • Paper shredder
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Adhesives: All-Purpose Glue Stick, Thin and 3-D Pop-Up Medium Glue Spots

Basic Supplies

  • hand saw, wire cutters, glue gun, clothespins
  • 1. Cut Red Floral paper to fit around paint can, piecing as needed; overlap and glue ends with glue stick.
  • 2. Press floral foam into can, trimming with foam cutter; secure with glue gun.
  • 3. For flowers, trim paper squares as follows: two 10" Stripe, two 6" Blue Rose (large); two 8" Postcards, two 4" Our Journey (medium); two 6" Compass, three 3" Blue Rose (small).
  • 4. Set aside 3" squares. Fan-fold remaining squares every 1/2". Glue ends of same-size squares together to make long strips.
  • 5. Cut five 4" wire lengths and twist tightly around center of each folded strip. Fan out ends to make complete circle. Glue edges that meet; secure with clothespins until dry.
  • 6. Fan-fold 3" squares every 3/8". Assemble in same way as large flowers, pinching center with fingers.
  • 7. Layer flowers as shown using 3D Glue Spots. Tie ribbon through white buttons, trim ends, and adhere buttons to flowers with Thin Glue Spots.
  • 8. Cut dowels to 26", 18", and 10" lengths. Use glue gun to glue dowel ends to backs of corresponding flowers, between folds. Trim wire ends. Insert dowels into foam in can.
  • 9. Cut Blue Floral sheets in half. Shred papers one at a time, stopping 3" from bottom and reversing shredder to remove paper. This leaves shreds joined. Tightly roll and hot glue joined end to create "stem". Insert stem into foam in can. Repeat for each sheet.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use coordinating papers and small flowers to decorate soup can cultery holder and loaf pan napkin holder. Embellish with smallest flowers and burgundy buttons.