Macaroni-Dinner Box Purse

By  Janice Brandon 

Recycle a macaroni-dinner box into the perfect purse any little girl would have fun creating.

  • Macaroni-Dinner Box Purse


  • One macaroni and cheese dinner box
  • Paint (color of choice)
  • One button with shank
  • Elastic thread, cord or clothesline
  • Two medium eyelets (optional)
  • Trims: ribbon, lace or other


  • Thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • bamboo skewer or toothpick, paintbrush, sharp scissors
  • 1. See Photo. Cut box as shown and remove contents.
  • 2. Paint box with two coats of paint.
  • 3. For handle cut a hole in each side of box, then glue eyelets in holes.
  • 4. Working from the outside of purse, thread one end of cord or clothesline through holes and knot ends.
  • 5. For button latch, cut a small slit just below point of flap. Cut a one-inch length from center of toothpick or skewer. Insert shank of button through slit in purse. Insert toothpick length through shank on inside of purse. Cover shank and toothpick with glue. Cut and fold a piece of elastic thread forming a loop. Knot the ends of loop. Glue knot to back of flap at point.
  • 6. Add lace and other trims as desired. Let dry.