"It's a Circus In Here" Birthday Set

By  Charity Hassel 

  • Circus Birthday Set
  • Circus Pennants
  • Tag Invitation
  • Card


  • Red tin, one per guest
  • Paper mâché gift bag, one for birthday child or one per guest if using as favor
  • Cupcake Collection Paper Pack 12”x12” (BasicGrey)
  • Cupcake Collection Chip Sticker Shapes (BasicGrey), one pack for every two guests
  • Cupcake Collection Olio Rub-on Book (BasicGrey), one pack for every four guests
  • Cupcake Collection Assorted Buttons (BasicGrey)
  • Cupcake Collection Glazed Brads (BasicGrey)
  • Creative Café Jumbo Tags (Creative Imaginations), one per guest
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Assorted embroidery floss
  • Elastic cording (for party hats)
  • Clear gems (KaiserCraft)
  • Wooden skewers or thin dowels, two or more per guest
  • Vintage peanut bags, one per guest
  • Tickets, one per guest


  • Foam adhesive dots
  • Scallop border punch
  • Small stapler
  • Computer with color printer
  • Optional: Blue ink pad and “you’re invited” and invitation stamps
  • Party Favor or Gift Bag
  • 1. Cut blue paper slightly smaller than bag front; adhere. Cut large white circle and adhere to bag. Apply rub-on greeting at left. Adhere chipboard clown elements as shown. Cut paper strip to fit across top of bag; border punch bottom edge and adhere with foam tape for curtain effect. Embellish with buttons and gems.
  • Party Favor Tin
  • 1. Cut and adhere paper to fit top of tin. Adhere chipboard flower to lid using foam dots. Embellish with buttons and gems. Cut paper strip to fit around top of tin; border punch bottom edge and adhere with foam dots. Adhere chipboard element to front; add gems.
  • Party Pennants
  • 1. Cut 3"x6" strips from assorted papers, one per pennant. Apply adhesive to back of one short end and roll tightly around one end of skewer. Cut remaining paper into flag shape of choice, using photos as guides. Embellish flags with rub-ons, chipboard stickers, buttons and gems. Tie ribbon around bottom of flag.
  • Party Hat
  • 1. Roll full sheet of paper into cone shape and tape seam to secure. Trim bottom edge. Tape ends of elastic cording length inside hat. Cut paper strip to fit around bottom of hat; border punch both edges and adhere. Cut circle from paper of choice and adhere to front of hat; embellish with chipboard and gems. Cut ribbon length and adhere folded end inside top of hat, if desired.
  • Tag Invitation
  • 1. Embellish tags with circles and squares cut from assorted papers. Adhere chipboard elements, buttons and gems as desired. Staple ticket to top right corner. Handwrite, print or stamp "You're Invited" on white paper; cut into mini pennant shape and adhere to invitation front. Handwrite, print or stamp invitation details on white paper, cut out and adhere to back of tag.
  • Birthday Card
  • 1. Make top-fold 5"x7" card base from paper of choice. Cut red panel slightly smaller than card front and adhere. Cut white circle; adhere at left side of card. Apply chipboard sentiment and swirls to right side of card. Embellish with chipboard shapes, brads, buttons and gems as shown.