Hanging Butterfly Bouquet

By  Charity Hassel 

size: 5" diameter

  • Hanging Butterfly Bouquet
  • Other Side of Bouquet


  • Styrofoam Brand Foam ball, 5”
  • Ruth’s Collection double-sided papers (Scribble Scrabble): Paisley Perfection; Rose Rhapsody
  • Ruth’s 12”x12” Pretty Pieces Diecuts (Scribble Scrabble)
  • Glimmer Glass Nature Collection butterfly overlay (Tattered Angels)
  • Buttons, white and assorted pastels
  • Pearl-head corsage pins: green; white
  • Twine


  • Die-cutting system of choice and assorted small flower dies or purchased flower shapes
  • White acrylic paint
  • 1. Paint butterfly overlay white; let dry.
  • 2. Cut 20" twine length; knot ends together 2" from cut ends. Tape or hot glue ends of hanging loop to top of foam ball.
  • 3. Die cut several flower shapes from desired papers, as needed.
  • 4. Begin covering foam ball with flowers, securing each one with one or more pins through a button center; very small flowers may only need a pin in place of a button. Continue adding flowers until entire surface is covered. When pleased with design, remove pins one by one, dip in glue and reinsert into ball.
  • 5. Use two white pearl-head pins to secure butterfly overlay to upper portion of ball
  • Tip
  • 1. Use a foam wreath in place of the foam ball to create a gorgeous, garden "Welcome" wreath.
  • 2. Omit twine hanger and perch decorated ball atop a pretty crystal vase or wineglass, alone or in multiples.
  • 3. Decoupage floral tissue paper onto foam ball, then add butterfly, for a unique effect.